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H A Dscript.js112 this.tiles = [];
344 this.tiles.push(tileCol);
369 for (var c = 0; c < this.tiles.length; c++) {
370 for (var r = 0; r < this.tiles[c].length; r++) {
371 var tile = this.tiles[c][r];
382 tile.xIndex -= this.tiles.length;
394 tile.xIndex += this.tiles.length;
407 tile.yIndex -= this.tiles[c].length;
419 tile.yIndex += this.tiles[c].length;
638 this.tiles = [];
H A Dadmin_intro.txt2 This page allows you to purge the cached tiles and maps that are used by the 'local' static maps ba…
H A Dadmin_intro.txt2 FIXME (translate) This page allows you to purge the cached tiles and maps that are used by the 'loc…
H A Dadmin_intro.txt2 Deze pagina biedt de mogelijkheid de tijdelijk opgeslagen tiles en kaarten die gebruikt worden door…
H A Dstyle.css1 div.tiles {
H A Dol.js.map1tiles.\n *\n * @abstract\n */\nclass Tile extends EventTarget {\n /**\n * @param {import(\"./ti…
H A Dpdf.worker.js23677 tiles = [];
23691 tiles.push(tile);
23695 context.tiles = tiles;
23703 tile = tiles[j];
23857 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
23906 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
23955 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
24026 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
24078 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
24197 var tile = context.tiles[tileIndex];
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H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1tiles","numXtiles","numYtiles","tileComponent","codOrCoc","precinctWidth","dimensions","precinctHe…
H A Dpdf.js.map1 …be missing. This is INCORRECT behavior.\n // \"Figures on adjacent tiles should not overlap…
H A Dscript.js1tiles:{type:"array",value:"string",doc:"An array of one or more tile source URLs, as in the TileJS… class in AnonymousFunction600b995a0400.i.source_raster_dem
8tiles?void 0:[t.imageInfo.tiles.map((function(t){return t.width}))[0],t.imageInfo.tiles.map((funct…
H A D2.2.js.map1tiles, the image is rescaled so that it does.\"\n },\n {\n …
H A DLuke.txt233 …of the multitude, they went up upon the roof and let him down through the tiles with his bed into …