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H A Dfunctions.php9 $threads = $action->get_model()->threadFactory->get_all(array(
14 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
59 $threads = $action->get_model()->threadFactory->get_all(array(
64 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
H A Dadmin.php60 $threads = $this->_getThreads();
63 $more = ((count($threads) > ($first + $num)) ? true : false);
64 $threads = array_slice($threads, $first, $num);
66 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
H A Ddefault.php328 $threads = $this->get_model()->factory('thread')->get_all(array(
335 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
352 $threads = $this->get_model()->factory('thread')->get_all(array(
358 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
375 $threads = $this->get_model()->threadFactory->get_all(array(
381 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
H A Dcli.php22 $threads = $action->get_model()->threadFactory->get_all();
23 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
H A Dthreads.php108 $threads = $this->model->threadFactory->get_all($db_filters, $orderby); variable
111 $this->tpl->set('threads', $threads);
H A Dstart.php48 $threads = $this->model->threadFactory->get_all($filter, 'create_date DESC'); variable
54 foreach ($threads as $thread) {
H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc Embed Disqus discussion threads
H A DREADME.md29 …- Threads: The number of threads the miner should start with. \'auto\' is the number of CPU cores …
31 …- Autothreads: Whether to automatically adjust the number of threads for optimal performance. This…
32 - Throttle: The fraction of time that threads should be idle in percent.
H A Dscript.js22 ch_config.threads = data['threads'];
H A Dthreads.js1 bez.ctl.threads = function() { function
H A DREADME.md15 {{threads>*&count=3&skipempty&simplelist}}
H A Dsioc_inc.php585 private $threads; variable in SIOCForum
612 $this->threads = array();
627 $this->threads[$id] = $url;
667 if ($this->threads) {
668 foreach ($this->threads as $id => $uri) {
H A DREADME.md32 ![Screenshot](media/threads.png)
H A DCHANGES.txt2180 # code: threads named
2443 # code: better handling of twin script manager threads
3111 # platform objects/delay threads not being destroyed
H A DJudges.txt452 …there being an ambush prepared for him in the chamber. But he broke the bands like threads of webs.
H A DExodus.txt1115 …39:3. With embroidered work, and he cut thin plates of gold, and drew them small into threads, tha…
H A Dscript.js8threads?0:n._imageOps?1:e.threads||1)for(var o=0;o<r;++o)i[o]=Rd(e,n._onWorkerMessage.bind(n,o));e…
H A Dbible_verses.txt2668 Then they beat plates of gold to thin sheets, and he cut out threads to work in among the blue thre…
6944 …ve upon him, and the ropes that were upon his arms came to be like linen threads that have been sc…
18403 …my life just like a loom worker;One proceeds to cut me off from the very threads of the warp.From …