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H A Dsyntax.php109 $substitutions=explode(',',$subtitution[2]);
110 $substitutions = preg_replace('#\/\/.+#',"",$substitutions);
111 $substitutions = preg_replace('#\\\n#',"<br />",$substitutions);
128 if(!is_array($substitutions)) $substitutions = array();
129 for($i=0; $i<count($substitutions); $i++) {
131 $match = str_replace ($search , trim($substitutions[$i]), $match);
H A DREADME1 This is a macro substitution plugin which enables substitutions of both words and longer
H A Dggb.php63 $substitutions = array(
91 … $params_raw = preg_replace(array_keys($substitutions), array_values($substitutions), $match);
H A Dentities.txt12 Bien que ce mécanisme soit utilisé par défaut pour de simples substitutions de caractères, on peut …
H A Daction.php60 function substitutions(&$event, $param) { function in action_plugin_strreplace
H A DURI.Munge.txt43 Starting with HTML Purifier 3.1.1, there is also these substitutions:
H A Dexample_presentation.dokuwiki133 Inline Fragments supporting only formatting and substitutions:
H A Dchangelog.md54 - `<fragment>` for inline usage (only formatting and substitutions supported)
H A DREADME.md349 - `<fragment>` for inline usage (only formatting and substitutions supported)
H A Dpdfmake.min.js37substitutions:new A.Array(ae,"substitutionCount")}),se=new A.Struct({conditionSet:new A.Pointer(A.…
H A Drrdiagram.js.map1substitutions)\n raw: function raw(callSite) {\n var tpl = toIObject(callSite.raw);\n var l…
H A Dbundle.js.map1 … // todo: for efficiency we could pre-sanitize tokenPostfix and substitutions\n …