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H A DMenuitem.php3 namespace dokuwiki\plugin\stale;
61 $stale = plugin_load('helper', helper_plugin_stale::PLUGIN_NAME);
62 return $stale->getLang('menu');
67 $stale = plugin_load('helper', helper_plugin_stale::PLUGIN_NAME);
68 return $stale->getLang("menuItemLabel");
75 $stale = plugin_load('helper', helper_plugin_stale::PLUGIN_NAME);
76 return $stale->getIcon();
H A Daction.php4 use dokuwiki\plugin\stale\StaleMenuItem;
45 $stale = plugin_load('helper', 'stale');
47 if ($stale->canTouch() !== true) {
52 $message = $stale->stale();
74 $stale = plugin_load('helper', 'stale');
75 if ($stale->canTouch()===true){
H A Dadmin.php33 $stale = plugin_load('helper', 'stale');
34 return $stale->getIcon();
42 $stale = plugin_load('helper', 'stale');
45 $reason = $stale->canTouch();
51 $this->msg = $stale->stale();
H A DREADME.md5 …kuWiki Plugin](https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:stale) that aims to delete or make all DokuWiki Cac…
8 …e only the modified date, not the content) in order to make the rendering cache stale (ie HTML,...)
19 …are using the cache system, must make the cache dependent of their info file to get the cache stale
23 ## How to stale ?
25 You can stale the cache:
34 …* As [per request 2](https://github.com/ComboStrap/stale/issues/2), Make the cache stale, reload t…
38 * The stale menu item is now a website item
H A Dplugin.info.txt1 base stale
6 desc Make the cache stale by by touching configuration files
7 url https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:stale
H A Dstyle.css1 .stale-dialog > .ui-dialog-titlebar {
H A Dhelper.php70 public function stale() function in helper_plugin_stale
H A DbaseTest.php54 $stale = plugin_load('helper', 'stale');
56 $result = $stale->deleteSitemap();
H A DManager.php301 $this->stale = false;
H A DManager.php301 $this->stale = false;
H A DConsumer.php329 if ($m->stale) {
332 $m->stale = true;
344 $m->stale = false;
H A DConsumer.php329 if ($m->stale) {
332 $m->stale = true;
344 $m->stale = false;
H A DREADME.md39 …hat I would like to be implemented by somebody else. The un-labeled issues became stale or removed.
H A Dpl.txt23 …kich narodów, aby wszyscy ludzie i wszystkie organy społeczeństwa - mając stale w pamięci niniejsz…
H A DCHANGELOG.md875 * Bug fix: CachePlugin now properly handles stale-if-error directives when a request to the origin …
959 …* Added support for stale-if-error so that the CachePlugin can now serve stale content from the ca…
H A Dwords.txt3406 stale
H A Dbundle.css938 .monaco-editor .marker-widget > .stale {
H A Dbundle.js.map1stale {\\n\\topacity: 0.6;\\n\\tfont-style: italic;\\n}\\n\\n.monaco-editor .marker-widget .title …
H A Dbundle.css938 .monaco-editor .marker-widget > .stale {
H A DCHANGES.txt4917 # bug fix for adding atoms but mads[] going stale
5661 # Now that we can move atoms so easily, we don't want those measurements getting stale.
H A Dviewer.js.map1 …stroy() first,\n // so if it differs then an external consumer has a stale reference to\n …