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H A Dsyntax.php68 $showHeader = $this->getConf('show_table_header');
70 $this->renderer->table($renderer, $type, $items, $showHeader, $showColumns);
H A Drenderer.php17 …nderer $renderer, /* string */ $type, array $items = null, /* bool */ $showHeader = null, array $s… argument
21 if ($showHeader)
H A DREADME.md32 <minimap suppress="regular expression pattern" includeDirectory="false" debug="false" showHeader="t…
40 * the `showHeader` permits to see a header if there is no homepage found (Default=true)
94 * If you don't have any home page, you can set the parameter `showHeader` to `false`
96 <minimap showHeader="false" >