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H A Dadmin.php98 if(is_a($setting, SettingHidden::class)) {
124 $class = $setting->isDefault()
127 $error = $setting->hasError()
130 $icon = $setting->caution()
132 … 'alt="' . $setting->caution() . '" title="' . $this->getLang($setting->caution()) . '" />'
170 foreach($undefined_settings as $setting) {
171 list($label, $input) = $setting->html($this);
226 if(is_a($setting, SettingFieldset::class)) {
227 $labels[$setting->getType()][] = $setting;
247 foreach($labels[$section] as $setting) {
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H A DPluginInterface.php93 * @param string $setting the setting to access
97 public function getConf($setting, $notset = false); argument
H A DPluginTrait.php161 public function getConf($setting, $notset = false) argument
168 if (isset($this->conf[$setting])) {
169 return $this->conf[$setting];
H A DWriter.php47 foreach($settings as $setting) {
48 if($setting->shouldBeSaved()) {
49 $out .= $setting->out('conf', 'php');
H A DREADME.md59 [setting variables from PHP][2], and [controlling the preservation of
H A Ddeprecated.php61 class setting extends \dokuwiki\plugin\config\core\Setting\Setting class
H A DREADME.md98 added character encoding setting
H A DReadMe.txt33 arrays. The default format is UTF-8. For setting different encodings, you can
H A DREADME.md106 terminal width on its own. It can be overwritten by setting a ``COLUMNS`` environment variable.
H A DCHANGELOG375 - Added a PARSER_CONTROL setting to treat whitespace inside of keywords in
378 - Added a possibility to allow setting the style for escape characters (BenBE)
507 … code is found in this mode, we fallback to the same setting as if GESHI_NEVER was set. That way it
625 - Implemented setting to force spans to be closed before newlines, see SF#1727398 (Milian Wolff)
798 - Allow setting of lexic permissions in language files (SmokingRope)
842 - Fixed setting of language path (Cliff Stanford)