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H A Drender.php31 $options->setHelp(
H A Dindexer.php26 $options->setHelp(
H A Dplugin.php22 $options->setHelp('Excecutes Plugin command line tools');
H A Dstriplangs.php24 $options->setHelp(
H A Dwantedpages.php33 $options->setHelp(
H A Dgittool.php25 $options->setHelp(
H A Ddwpage.php38 $options->setHelp(
H A Dcli.php27 $options->setHelp(
H A DREADME.md37 $options->setHelp('A very minimal example that does nothing but print a version');
63 - ``$options->setHelp()`` adds a general description
H A Dcli.php19 $options->setHelp(
H A DOptions.php79 public function setHelp($help) function in splitbrain\\phpcli\\Options