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H A Dclass.soap_transport_http.php232 $this->setError($msg);
397 $this->setError('Unknown scheme ' . $this->scheme);
745 $this->setError('couldn\'t write message data to socket');
805 $this->setError('server failed to send headers');
817 $this->setError('socket read of headers timed out');
890 $this->setError('socket read of chunk length timed out');
906 $this->setError('socket read of body timed out');
943 $this->setError('no response from server');
972 $this->setError($err);
1082 $this->setError('HTTP authentication failed');
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H A Dclass.soapclient.php300 $this->setError($return['faultcode'].': '.$return['faultstring']);
344 $this->setError('wsdl error: '.$errstr);
354 $this->setError('no operations defined in the WSDL document!');
443 $this->setError('no http/s in endpoint url');
459 $this->setError('HTTP Error: '.$err);
469 $this->setError('no transport found, or selected transport is not yet supported!');
487 $this->setError('Response not of type text/xml: ' . $headers['content-type']);
508 $this->setError( $errstr);
740 $this->setError($evalStr);
H A Dnusoap.php1161 $this->setError($msg);
1211 $this->setError($errstr);
2339 $this->setError($msg);
3079 $this->setError($err);
4740 $this->setError($errstr);
4763 $this->setError($errstr);
4790 $this->setError($errstr);
6511 $this->setError($err);
6545 $this->setError($err);
7576 $this->setError( $errstr);
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H A Dclass.wsdl.php200 $this->setError('no wsdl passed to parseWSDL()!!');
228 $this->setError($errstr);
251 $this->setError($errstr);
278 $this->setError($errstr);
750 $this->setError("Neither _SERVER nor HTTP_SERVER_VARS is available");
1113 $this->setError('The value of the \$direction argument needs to be either "input" or "output"');
1118 …$this->setError('Unable to retrieve WSDL data for operation: ' . $operation . ' bindingType: ' . $…
1208 $this->setError('The value of the \$direction argument needs to be either "input" or "output"');
1213 $this->setError('Unable to retrieve WSDL data for operation: ' . $operation);
1421 $this->setError("$type ($uqType) is not a supported type.");
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H A Dnusoapmime.php259 $this->setError('No root part found in multipart/related content');
498 $this->setError('No root part found in multipart/related content');
H A Dclass.soap_server.php398 $this->setError("HTTP headers not accessible");
806 $this->setError('Request not of type text/xml');
937 $this->setError("Neither _SERVER nor HTTP_SERVER_VARS is available");
1013 $this->setError("Neither _SERVER nor HTTP_SERVER_VARS is available");
H A Dclass.soap_parser.php79 $this->setError($err);
113 $this->setError($err);
140 $this->setError('xml was empty, didn\'t parse!');
H A Dclass.xmlschema.php93 $this->setError($msg);
143 $this->setError($errstr);
149 $this->setError('no xml passed to parseString()!!');
H A Dnusoap.php1080 $this->setError($msg);
1130 $this->setError($errstr);
2137 $this->setError($msg);
2723 $this->setError($err);
4262 $this->setError($errstr);
4285 $this->setError($errstr);
4312 $this->setError($errstr);
5863 $this->setError($err);
5897 $this->setError($err);
6842 $this->setError( $errstr);
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H A DEvent.php156 protected function setError($error) function in dokuwiki\\plugin\\sentry\\Event
420 $ev->setError($error);
H A Dadmin.php50 $this->session->setError($error);
H A Dengine.php638 public function setError($error) { function in BatcheditSession
H A DGoogle_SQLAdminService.php468 public function setError(Google_OperationError $error) { function in Google_BackupRun
691 public function setError(/* array(Google_OperationError) */ $error) { function in Google_InstanceOperation
H A DGoogle_GamesService.php2264 public function setError( $error) { function in Google_RoomP2PStatus
H A DGoogle_ComputeService.php3321 public function setError(Google_OperationError $error) { function in Google_Operation
H A Dpfcclient.js338 this.setError(this.res.getLabel('Chosen nickname is already used'), Array());
349 this.setError(this.res.getLabel('Chosen nickname is not allowed'), Array());
865 setError: function(str, ids) method in pfcClient
908 this.setError(msg, Array());
H A Djsoneditor-minimalist.min.js30setError(null)});var e=this.node;if(e){var t=e.validate(),n=[];if(this.validateSchema){var i=this.…
31 …var e=[],t=this.parent;t;)e.unshift(t),t=t.parent;return e},i.prototype.setError=function(e,t){thi…
H A DJmolApplet0.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF com/ com/obrador/ javax/ ...
H A DJmolApplet.jarMETA-INF/ META-INF/MANIFEST.MF org/ org/jmol/ org/ ...