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H A DRegistrationSubscriptionSender.php32 return $this->send(
H A DSubscriptionSender.php62 …protected function send($subscriber_mail, $subject, $context, $template, $trep, $hrep = null, $hea… function in dokuwiki\\Subscriptions\\SubscriptionSender
84 return $mail->send();
H A DMediaSubscriptionSender.php45 $this->send($subscriber_mail, 'upload', $id, $template, $trep, null, $headers);
H A DPageSubscriptionSender.php77 return $this->send(
H A DBulkSubscriptionSender.php252 return $this->send(
H A Dintro.txt3 This [[doku>popularity|tool]] gathers anonymous data about your wiki and allows you to send it back…
9 The raw data that will be send is shown below. Please use the "Send Data" button to transfer the in…
H A DResendpwd.php174 if ($mail->send()) {
H A DREADME.markdown76 the project on GitHub and send pull requests for patches. When doing so, please
H A Dfileuploaderextended.js333 xhr.send(file);
H A Dfileuploader.js1206 xhr.send(file);
H A Dauth.php853 return $mail->send();
1186 if($mail->send()) {
H A DMailer.class.php698 public function send() { function in Mailer
H A Djquery.min.js2send(a,l)}catch(e){if(h)throw e;l(-1,e)}}else l(-1,"No Transport");function l(e,t,n,r){var i,o,a,s…
H A DCHANGELOG12 Please send any bug reports to BenBE@omorphia.de, or use the bug report tracker
446 - Fixed broken highlighting of bash commands like `dbus-send --dest=org.....`,