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H A DTransport.php48 public $retries; variable in Elasticsearch\\Transport
54 * @param int $retries
59 …public function __construct(int $retries, AbstractConnectionPool $connectionPool, LoggerInterface … argument
63 $this->retries = $retries;
155 if ($this->retryAttempts < $this->retries) {
H A DClientBuilder.php107 private $retries; variable in Elasticsearch\\ClientBuilder
340 public function setRetries(int $retries): ClientBuilder argument
342 $this->retries = $retries;
523 if (is_null($this->retries)) {
524 $this->retries = count($connections);
528 …$this->transport = new Transport($this->retries, $this->connectionPool, $this->logger, $this->snif…
H A Dsaucelabs.js367 if (this.attempts < this.retries) {
444 if (errored && this.attempts < this.retries) {
455 else if (tunnel.attempts < tunnel.retries) {
488 if (this.attempts < this.retries) {
592 console.log('%s %s restart %d of %d', label, description, ++this.attempts, this.retries);
719 if (tunnel.attempts < tunnel.retries &&
754 console.log('Tunnel %s: restart %d of %d', this.id, ++this.attempts, this.retries);
H A Dconfiguration.asciidoc96 === Set retries
102 If you would like to disable retries, or change the number, you can do so with the `setRetries()` m…
112 When the client runs out of retries, it will throw the last exception that it received. For exampl…
117 To help in identification, exceptions that are thrown due to max retries will wrap a `MaxRetriesExc…
132 echo "Max retries!";
153 echo "Max retries!";
387 Array keys correspond to the method name, e.g. `retries` key corresponds to `setRetries()` method.
396 'retries' => 2,
414 'retries' => 2,
H A Dconnection-pool.asciidoc12 This is distinct from an exception due to maximum retries. For example, your cluster may have 10 n…
19 this is much less than the `retries` value, because `retries` only applies to retries against alive…
H A Dfutures.asciidoc236 …resolve manually using `wait()`, you may need to call `wait()` several times if there were retries.
H A Dscripts.min.js.map1 …that has tons of matches), but at the\n // same time, the amount of retries is limited.\n …