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H A DGoogleCloudDataplexV1JobEvent.php37 public $retries; variable in Google\\Service\\CloudDataplex\\GoogleCloudDataplexV1JobEvent
104 public function setRetries($retries) argument
106 $this->retries = $retries;
113 return $this->retries;
H A DTransport.php53 public $retries; variable in Elasticsearch\\Transport
59 * @param int $retries
64 …public function __construct(int $retries, AbstractConnectionPool $connectionPool, LoggerInterface … argument
68 $this->retries = $retries;
158 if ($this->retryAttempts < $this->retries) {
H A DClientBuilder.php115 private $retries; variable in Elasticsearch\\ClientBuilder
488 * @param int $retries
490 public function setRetries(int $retries): ClientBuilder argument
492 $this->retries = $retries;
733 if (is_null($this->retries)) {
734 $this->retries = count($connections);
738 …$this->transport = new Transport($this->retries, $this->connectionPool, $this->logger, $this->snif…
H A DUtil.php38 * @param int $retries
42 public static function execute($ch, int $retries = 5, bool $closeAfterDone = true) argument
44 while ($retries--) {
49 if (false === in_array($curlErrno, self::$retriableErrorCodes, true) || !$retries) {
H A Dset-retries.asciidoc1 [[set-retries]]
2 === Set retries
10 If you would like to disable retries, or change the number, you can do so with
21 When the client runs out of retries, it will throw the last exception that it
28 To help in identification, exceptions that are thrown due to max retries wrap a
44 echo "Max retries!";
66 echo "Max retries!";
H A Dconfig-hash.asciidoc11 Array keys correspond to the method name, for example `retries` key corresponds
20 'retries' => 2,
38 'retries' => 2,
H A Dconfiguration.asciidoc15 * <<set-retries>>
34 include::set-retries.asciidoc[]
H A Dconnection-pool.asciidoc14 maximum retries. For example, your cluster may have 10 nodes. You execute a
23 will note this much less than the `retries` value, because `retries` only
24 applies to retries against alive nodes. In this case, only one node is known to
H A Dfutures.asciidoc260 `wait()` several times if there were retries. This is because each retry
H A DRetryMiddleware.php48 * @param int $retries
52 public static function exponentialDelay($retries) argument
54 return (int) pow(2, $retries - 1) * 1000;
H A Dsaucelabs.js367 if (this.attempts < this.retries) {
444 if (errored && this.attempts < this.retries) {
455 else if (tunnel.attempts < tunnel.retries) {
488 if (this.attempts < this.retries) {
592 console.log('%s %s restart %d of %d', label, description, ++this.attempts, this.retries);
719 if (tunnel.attempts < tunnel.retries &&
754 console.log('Tunnel %s: restart %d of %d', this.id, ++this.attempts, this.retries);
H A DClientBuilder.asciidoc337 .`setRetries(int $retries)`
342 Set number or retries (default is equal to number of nodes)
H A Drun-elasticsearch.sh113 --health-retries=20 \
H A DCHANGELOG.md30 * Fix: `RetryMiddleware` did not do exponential delay between retries due unit mismatch. [#2132](ht…
306 * Added a guard in the Pool class to not use recursion for request retries.
319 * Nested futures due to retries are now resolved when waiting for synchronous
1151 …atcher to the ExponentialBackoffPlugin and added an ExponentialBackoffLogger to log backoff retries
H A DCHANGELOG.md460 * Added configuration of Pushover notification retries/expiry
H A DDropbox-sdk.min.js9 …etry();var r=this._callback;this.clearTimeout(),e&&(this._maxRetries&&(e.retries=this._retries-1),…
H A Dol.js.map1retries have been\n * made already:\n *\n * ```js\n * const retryCodes = [408, 429, 500, 5…
H A Dscripts.min.js.map1 …that has tons of matches), but at the\n // same time, the amount of retries is limited.\n …