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H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc Allows you to mass revert recent edits to remove Spam or vandalism
H A Dfileuploaderextended.js162 qq.remove(this._find(item, 'cancel'));
163 qq.remove(this._find(item, 'spinner'));
169 qq.remove(nameInput);
170 jQuery('.qq-upload-button, #mediamanager__upload_button').remove();
172 jQuery('.qq-upload-drop-area').remove();
262 qq.remove(iframe);
267 qq.remove(form);
H A Dbehaviour.js222 $checkDiv.remove();
229 $checkDiv.remove();
H A Dfileuploader.js85 qq.remove = function(element){ function
617 qq.remove(this._find(item, 'cancel'));
618 qq.remove(this._find(item, 'spinner'));
662 qq.remove(item);
791 qq.remove(this._input);
973 qq.remove(fileInput);
994 qq.remove(iframe);
1022 qq.remove(iframe);
1027 qq.remove(form);
H A Dmedia.js321 jQuery('div.success, div.info, div.error, div.notify').remove();
416 jQuery('div.success, div.info, div.error, div.notify').remove();
H A DResendpwd.php87 $INPUT->remove('pwauth');
93 $INPUT->remove('pwauth');
H A DSubscribe.php88 $ok = $subManager->remove($target, $INPUT->server->str('REMOTE_USER'), $style);
H A Dhelp.txt3 On this page you can add and remove permissions for namespaces and pages in your wiki.
H A Dpluginutils.php143 $INPUT->remove('page');
H A Ddeprecated.php441 public function remove($id, $user = null, $style = null, $data = null) { function in Subscription
444 return $manager->remove($id, $user, $style, $data);
H A Dauth.php432 $INPUT->server->remove('REMOTE_USER');
1102 $INPUT->remove('pwauth');
1108 $INPUT->remove('pwauth');
H A DSubscriberManager.php45 $this->remove($id, $user);
81 public function remove($id, $user = null, $style = null, $data = null) function in dokuwiki\\Subscriptions\\SubscriberManager
H A DInput.php94 public function remove($name) function in dokuwiki\\Input\\Input
274 $this->remove($name);
H A D_links.css62 /* RTL corrections; if link icons don't work as expected, remove the following lines */
H A Dmysql.conf.php.example168 /* This statement should remove a group fom the database.
190 /* This statement should remove a user fom the database.
198 /* This statement should remove all connections from a user to any group
229 /* This statement should remove a single connection from a user to a
H A Djquery-ui.min.js6remove&&t(n).triggerHandler("remove")}catch(a){}e(i)}}(t.cleanData),t.widget=function(e,i,s){var n…
13remove():t(this).removeAttr("role tabIndex aria-live aria-busy aria-selected aria-labelledby aria-…
H A Djquery.min.js2remove:function(){return S.each(arguments,function(e,t){var n;while(-1<(n=S.inArray(t,s,n)))s.spli…
H A DLICENSE396 remove any additional permissions from that copy, or from any part of
433 restriction, you may remove that term. If a license document contains
H A Dsyntax.txt86 …l still be a JavaScript warning about trying to open a Windows Share. To remove this warning (for …
H A Ddeleted.files237 # remove in 2017-02-19
H A DCHANGELOG864 - When using GESHI_HEADER_NONE, remove the <ol> if line numbering is not enabled