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/plugin/authgooglesheets/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src/SemanticTile/ !
H A DFeature.php66 public function setRelations($relations) argument
68 $this->relations = $relations;
75 return $this->relations;
/plugin/strata/_test/ !
H A Dstrataquerytest.inc.php68 $relations = $this->_triples->queryRelations($query);
69 if ($relations === false) {
72 $this->assertIteratorsEqual($relations, new ArrayIterator($expectedResult), $message);
73 $relations->closeCursor();
/plugin/odt/action/ !
H A Dexport.php389 $relations = p_get_metadata($pageid, 'relation');
391 if(is_array($relations)) {
392 if(array_key_exists('media', $relations) && is_array($relations['media'])) {
393 foreach($relations['media'] as $mediaid => $exists) {
400 if(array_key_exists('haspart', $relations) && is_array($relations['haspart'])) {
401 foreach($relations['haspart'] as $part_pageid => $exists) {
/plugin/authgooglesheets/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src/Directory/ !
H A DUser.php180 public $relations; variable in Google\\Service\\Directory\\User
755 public function setRelations($relations) argument
757 $this->relations = $relations;
764 return $this->relations;
/plugin/authgooglesheets/vendor/google/apiclient-services/src/PeopleService/ !
H A DPerson.php501 public function setRelations($relations) argument
503 $this->relations = $relations;
510 return $this->relations;
/plugin/dw2pdf/ !
H A Daction.php326 $relations = p_get_metadata($pageid, 'relation');
328 if(is_array($relations)) {
329 if(array_key_exists('media', $relations) && is_array($relations['media'])) {
330 foreach($relations['media'] as $mediaid => $exists) {
337 if(array_key_exists('haspart', $relations) && is_array($relations['haspart'])) {
338 foreach($relations['haspart'] as $part_pageid => $exists) {
/plugin/authgoogle/google/contrib/ !
H A DGoogle_DirectoryService.php1617 public $relations; variable in Google_User
1779 public function setRelations(/* array(Google_UserRelation) */ $relations) { argument
1780 $this->assertIsArray($relations, 'Google_UserRelation', __METHOD__);
1781 $this->relations = $relations;
1784 return $this->relations;
/plugin/strata/helper/ !
H A Dtriples.php919 function __construct($relations, $projection) { argument
921 $this->data = $relations;
/plugin/elasticsearch/vendor/patrickschur/language-detection/resources/en/ !
H A Den.txt11 Whereas it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between nations,
/plugin/findologicxmlexport/vendor/jms/serializer/doc/reference/ !
H A Dannotations.rst303 This annotation allows serialization/deserialization of relations which are polymorphic, but
/plugin/elasticsearch/vendor/patrickschur/language-detection/resources/fr/ !
H A Dfr.txt11 Considérant qu’il est essentiel d’encourager le développement de relations amicales entre nations,
/plugin/ckgedit/ckeditor/ !
H A Dckeditor.js1241relations={},(g=c.$.elementFromPoint(f,h))&&g.nodeType&&(e=new CKEDITOR.dom.element(g),d.traverseS…
1242 …;return function(d){var b=this.editor.createRange();b.moveToPosition(this.relations[d.uid].element,
1244 !(c&&c in this.relations)){if(a.equals(this.editable))break;if(l(a))for(d in this.lookups)(b=this.l…
1246relations={};for(var a=this.editable.getElementsByTag("*"),d=0,b,c,e;b=a.getItem(d++);)if(!b.equal…
1251 …niqueId()]=c;c.setStyles(b);d&&d(c)}},getStyle:function(a,d){var b=this.relations[a],c=this.locati…
1252 …ineTpl);a.appendTo(this.container);return a},prepare:function(a,d){this.relations=a;this.locations…
H A Dckeditor.js.unc24681relations = {}, (g = c.$.elementFromPoint(f, h)) && g.nodeType && (e = new CKEDITOR.dom.element(g)…
24704 b.moveToPosition(this.relations[d.uid].element,
24719 … d.getNext()) && c.isVisible() && (a(c, CKEDITOR.LINEUTILS_BEFORE, this.relations), b ^= CKEDITOR.…
24720 …d.getFirst()) && c.isVisible() && (a(c, CKEDITOR.LINEUTILS_BEFORE, this.relations), b ^= CKEDITOR.…
24721 a(d, b, this.relations)
24728 !(c && c in this.relations)) {
24773 this.relations = {};
24777 return this.relations
24885 var b = this.relations[a],
24903 this.relations = a;
/plugin/bible/bible_douayRheims/ !
H A DTobias.txt40 …2:15. For as the kings insulted over holy Job: so his relations and kinsmen mocked at his life, sa…
/plugin/dirtylittlehelper/script/ !
H A Dmermaid.min.js.map1relations","classes","classCounter","funs","splitClassNameAndType","genericType","className","clas…
/plugin/diagramsnet/lib/math/extensions/a11y/ !
H A Dmathjax-sre.js185 this.relations=[];this.arrows="\u2190\u2191\u2192\u2193\u2194\u2195\u2196\u2197\u2198\u2199\u219a\u…
213 role:sre.SemanticAttr.Role.INEQUALITY},{set:this.relations,type:sre.SemanticAttr.Type.RELATION,role…
/plugin/subjectindex/plugins/ !
H A Dbible_verses.txt817 Then Jacob said to La'ban: "Give over my wife, because my days are up, and let me have relations wi…
819 …esorted to taking Le'ah his daughter and bringing her to him that he might have relations with her.
835 With that she gave him Bil'hah her maidservant as wife, and Jacob had relations with her.
1122 …ughter of a certain Ca'naan·ite, and his name was Shu'a. So he took her and had relations with her.
1136 …ave relations with you." For he did not know that she was his daughter-in-law. However, she said: …
4473 Now Israel was dwelling in Shit'tim. Then the people started to have immoral relations with the dau…
5484 "In case a man takes a wife and actually has relations with her and has come to hate her,
7204 Accordingly Bo'az took Ruth and she became his wife and he had relations with her. So Jehovah grant…
9525 And Je·hosh'a·phat kept peaceful relations with the king of Israel.
16453 None of those having relations with her will come back, nor will they regain the paths of those liv…
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/plugin/dirtylittlehelper/mermaid/editor/ !
H A Dbundle.js265relations:[],states:{},documents:{}}},h=u.root,f=0,g=function(e,t,n,r,o){void 0===h.states[e]?h.st…
/plugin/dirtylittlehelper/mermaid/editor/docs/ !
H A Dbundle.js265relations:[],states:{},documents:{}}},h=u.root,f=0,g=function(e,t,n,r,o){void 0===h.states[e]?h.st…
H A Dbundle.js.map1relations = [];\nvar classes = {};\nvar classCounter = 0;\nvar funs = [];\nvar parseDirective = fu…
/plugin/tuxquote/ !
H A Dquotes.txt2559 …s means to other things, are knowledge, art, instinctive happiness, and relations of friendship or…
2577 A sense of duty is useful in work, but offensive in personal relations. People wish to be liked, no…
/plugin/mermaid/ !
H A Dmermaid.min.js1275relations:[],states:{},documents:{}});let QV={root:QLe()},hd=QV.root,ZI=0,ZLe=0;const sJt={LINE:0,…
/plugin/pdfjs/pdfjs/build/ !
H A Dpdf.js.map1 …that the local time is equal to the\n // universal time, whereas the relations '+'/'-' indicate…
/plugin/yuriigantt/3rd/dhtmlxgantt/ !
H A Ddhtmlxgantt.js.map1 …"json\";\n\t\treturn this[type].serialize();\n\t};\n\n\t/*\n\ttasks and relations\n\t{\n\tdata:[\n…