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H A DProjectsLocationsRegistrations.php54 * @param string $registration Required. The name of the `Registration` whose
63 $params = ['registration' => $registration, 'postBody' => $postBody];
70 * @param string $registration Required. The name of the `Registration` whose
79 $params = ['registration' => $registration, 'postBody' => $postBody];
87 * @param string $registration Required. The name of the `Registration` whose
96 $params = ['registration' => $registration, 'postBody' => $postBody];
271 * @param string $registration Required. The name of the `Registration` whose
280 $params = ['registration' => $registration, 'postBody' => $postBody];
290 * @param string $registration Required. The name of the `Registration` whose
296 public function retrieveAuthorizationCode($registration, $optParams = []) argument
[all …]
H A DRegisterDomainRequest.php71 public function setRegistration(Registration $registration) argument
73 $this->registration = $registration;
80 return $this->registration;
H A DTransferDomainRequest.php69 public function setRegistration(Registration $registration) argument
71 $this->registration = $registration;
78 return $this->registration;
H A DCloudDomains.php152 'path' => 'v1/{+registration}:configureContactSettings',
155 'registration' => [
162 'path' => 'v1/{+registration}:configureDnsSettings',
165 'registration' => [
172 'path' => 'v1/{+registration}:configureManagementSettings',
175 'registration' => [
272 'path' => 'v1/{+registration}:resetAuthorizationCode',
275 'registration' => [
282 'path' => 'v1/{+registration}:retrieveAuthorizationCode',
285 'registration' => [
H A Dscript.js12 .then(function (registration) { argument
13 if (registration.active) {
14 registration.active.postMessage({
17 registration.active.postMessage({
H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc Autocreate users pages after registration
H A DREADME.md46 2013-04-24 - registration now fails in page, without warning
H A DREADME.md42 #### Disable registration with email (Optional)
H A DLescript.php40 $this->log('Starting new account registration');
H A DREADME83 him- or herself or, if self-registration has been disabled, the Admin will
120 the user self-registration form, users should not be able to specify a
234 register themselves or created by the admin (eg. if registration has been
H A Dworkbox-9fe249eb.js1 …",prefix:"workbox",runtime:"runtime",suffix:"undefined"!=typeof registration?registration.scope:""…
H A Dworkbox-f163abaa.js1 …",prefix:"workbox",runtime:"runtime",suffix:"undefined"!=typeof registration?registration.scope:""…
H A Dworkbox-bed83ea8.js1 …",prefix:"workbox",runtime:"runtime",suffix:"undefined"!=typeof registration?registration.scope:""…
H A Dworkbox-9fe249eb.js.map1registration !== 'undefined' ? registration.scope : '',\n};\nconst _createCacheName = (cacheName) …
H A Dworkbox-bed83ea8.js.map1registration !== 'undefined' ? registration.scope : '',\n};\nconst _createCacheName = (cacheName) …
H A Dworkbox-f163abaa.js.map1registration !== 'undefined' ? registration.scope : '',\n};\nconst _createCacheName = (cacheName) …
H A DREADME79 feature is used). In this scenario, the username for registration should match
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md675 - Bulk registration of parsers/renderers via extensions (#45)
H A Dadvanced.rst944 // the date filter will come from the above registration, not
H A DREADME.txt179 - Added onMouseOver() and onMouseOut() listener registration methods to the Flowplayer API
H A DCHANGELOG479 * fixed registration of tests and functions as anonymous functions
H A Dbootstrap.min.css5 …t:"\e193"}.glyphicon-copyright-mark:before{content:"\e194"}.glyphicon-registration-mark:before{con…
H A Dbuild.js1 …blk|radon|rangefilt|reflect|regionprops|registration.metric.(?:MattesMutualInformation|MeanSquares…
H A Dbundle.js.map1registration of codicon ${icon.id}`);\n }\n }\n get(id) {\n return this._icons…
H A Dbible_verses.txt8702 Jo'ab now gave the number of the registration of the people to the king; and Israel amounted to eig…
10940 Jo'ab now gave the number of the registration of the people to David; and all Israel amounted to a …
11744 …those going out on military service in troops, by the number of their registration by the hand of …
24976 (this first registration took place when Qui·rin'i·us was governor of Syria;)
27097 After him Judas the Gal·i·le'an rose in the days of the registration, and he drew off people after …