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H A Dindexer.php31 $options->registerOption(
36 $options->registerOption(
H A Dstriplangs.php29 $options->registerOption(
35 $options->registerOption(
H A Drender.php38 … $options->registerOption('renderer', 'The renderer mode to use. Defaults to xhtml', 'r', 'mode');
H A Ddwpage.php27 $options->registerOption(
32 $options->registerOption(
83 $options->registerOption(
90 $options->registerOption(
H A Dwantedpages.php43 $options->registerOption(
50 $options->registerOption(
H A DCLI.php109 $this->options->registerOption(
114 $this->options->registerOption(
118 $this->options->registerOption(
H A DOptions.php161 public function registerOption($long, $help, $short = null, $needsarg = false, $command = '') function in splitbrain\\phpcli\\Options
H A Dcli.php31 …$options->registerOption('max', 'Maximum number of results (default 10)', 'm', 'number', 'search');
32 … $options->registerOption('verbose', 'Show detailed extension information', 'v', false, 'search');
37 … $options->registerOption('verbose', 'Show detailed extension information', 'v', false, 'list');
38 $options->registerOption('filter', 'Filter by this status', 'f', 'status', 'list');
H A Dcli.php33 $options->registerOption('verbose', 'Show detailed user information', 'v', false, 'list');
42 $options->registerOption('notify', 'Notify user', 'n', false, 'add');
H A DREADME.md38 $options->registerOption('version', 'print version', 'v');
64 - ``$options->registerOption()`` adds an option