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H A DChainProcessor.php16 private $processors; variable in Elastica\\ResultSet\\ChainProcessor
19 * @param ProcessorInterface[] $processors
21 public function __construct(array $processors) argument
23 $this->processors = $processors;
31 foreach ($this->processors as $processor) {
H A DStaggeredDelimiterProcessor.php37 private $processors = []; // keyed by minLength in reverse order variable in League\\CommonMark\\Delimiter\\Processor\\StaggeredDelimiterProcessor
71 if (isset($this->processors[$len])) {
75 $this->processors[$len] = $processor;
76 \krsort($this->processors);
94 foreach ($this->processors as $processor) {
102 $first = \reset($this->processors);
H A DPipeline.php126 * @param array $processors array
130 public function setRawProcessors(array $processors) argument
132 $this->_processors = $processors;
169 * @param array $processors array of AbstractProcessor object
173 public function setProcessors(array $processors) argument
175 return $this->setParam('processors', [$processors]);
H A DDelimiterStack.php144 * @param DelimiterProcessorCollection $processors
148 …ction processDelimiters(?DelimiterInterface $stackBottom, DelimiterProcessorCollection $processors) argument
159 $delimiterProcessor = $processors->getDelimiterProcessor($delimiterChar);
H A DREADME.md82 - This is the renderer logic for the action. The randerer is called after all post processors
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md31 …- The priority of parsers, processors, and renderers can now be set when `add()`ing them; you no l…
423 - Added AST document processors (#210)
458 - Added new ConfigurationAwareInterface support for all parsers, processors, and renderers (#201)
H A DCHANGELOG.md168 …/elasticsearch/pull/20416) Use Ingest-attachment plugin and attachment processors with pipeline to…
182 …https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/ingest-processors.html). [#1373](h…
H A DCHANGES.txt2445 # the two independent processors. (just to isolate javascript from load commands
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1 …ated and treated as a no-op, but all Type2\n // charstrings processors should support t…