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H A DPlatformContext.php26 public $platforms; variable in Google\\Service\\AdExchangeBuyerII\\PlatformContext
31 public function setPlatforms($platforms) argument
33 $this->platforms = $platforms;
40 return $this->platforms;
H A DFilterSet.php56 public $platforms; variable in Google\\Service\\AdExchangeBuyerII\\FilterSet
189 public function setPlatforms($platforms) argument
191 $this->platforms = $platforms;
198 return $this->platforms;
H A DListPlatformsResponse.php47 public function setPlatforms($platforms) argument
49 $this->platforms = $platforms;
56 return $this->platforms;
H A DGoogle_UrlshortenerService.php128 public $platforms; variable in Google_AnalyticsSnapshot
153 public function setPlatforms(/* array(Google_StringCount) */ $platforms) { argument
154 $this->assertIsArray($platforms, 'Google_StringCount', __METHOD__);
155 $this->platforms = $platforms;
158 return $this->platforms;
H A DPretargetingConfig.php46 public $platforms; variable in Google\\Service\\AdExchangeBuyer\\PretargetingConfig
233 public function setPlatforms($platforms) argument
235 $this->platforms = $platforms;
239 return $this->platforms;
H A Dsaucelabs.js100 var platforms = [ variable
121 platforms = [
130 platforms = _.filter(platforms, function(platform) {
143 platforms = _.filter(platforms, function(platform) {
158 platforms = _.filter(platforms, function(platform) {
185 'platforms': platforms, property in jobOptions
414 platform = options.platforms[0];
587 platform = options.platforms[0],
686 var all = _.map(this.platforms, _.bind(function(platform) {
895 'platforms': platforms,
H A DVersionHistory.php39 public $platforms; variable in Google\\Service\\VersionHistory
63 'platforms',
67 'path' => 'v1/{+parent}/platforms',
H A Dvbsso_shared.php90 function VBSSO_PLATFORM_FOOTER_GA_HTML($platforms, $action = '') { argument
91 $platforms = (is_array($platforms)) ? $platforms : array($platforms);
105 foreach ($platforms as $platform) {
H A Dsharedapi.php150 static $platforms;
152 if (!$platforms) {
153 $platforms = array(
168 return $platform ? $platforms[$platform] : $platforms;
172 static $platforms;
174 if (!$platforms) {
175 $platforms = array(
190 return $platforms;
H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc vBSSO is a vBulletin plugin that helps you connect to different software platforms like cont…
H A DREADME.md3 Provides universal Secure Single Sign-On between vBulletin and different popular platforms like Dok…
8 …d managing user profile data. The second component is plugins for other platforms (like DokuWiki) …
13 …d party side. It strongly synchronizes the information between your own platforms connected person…
H A D.travis.yml16 # travis does not support HHVM on other platforms, choosing trusty
H A Dbadbehavior.readme43 Installing and configuring Bad Behavior on most platforms is simple and takes
49 non-free platforms, special license terms exist for Bad Behavior's platform
104 before manually installing the new version. Other platforms are not
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md37 channels as Q&A platforms (such as Stackoverflow), Forums, Local PHP user groups.
H A Dcf_io.cfm121 <!--- Ensure the folder path has no double-slashes, or mkdir may fail on certain platforms --->
193 <!--- Ensure the folder path has no double-slashes, or mkdir may fail on certain platforms --->
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md61 channels as Q&A platforms (such as Stackoverflow), Forums, Local PHP user groups.
H A DCHANGELOG.md37 * The pure PHP reader now correctly decodes integers on 32-bit platforms.
H A DREADME.txt18 with several popular web platforms and services.
47 - integrates with popular web platforms and services such as blogger, drupal,
377 Explorer, Opera, Safari) on a variety of personal computer platforms
H A Dpgn-standard.txt261 platforms; this is an acceptable variation as long as the details of the
1725 for various platforms including: Intel 386/486 Unix, Apple Macintosh, and
H A Dconnecting.asciidoc109 not working, check your libcurl version. On certain platforms, various features
H A Dpdf.worker.js35649 var platforms = ['\x00\x01', '\x00\x03'];
35652 var namesRecordCount = strings.length * platforms.length;
35656 for (i = 0, ii = platforms.length; i < ii; i++) {
35661 …var nameRecord = platforms[i] + encodings[i] + languages[i] + string16(j) + string16(str.length) +…
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1platforms","encodings","languages","namesRecordCount","nameTable","strOffset","strs","nameRecord",…
H A D2.2.js.map1 … // Use `uri.path` since it's normalized to use `/` in all platforms\n …
H A Dbundle.js.map1 …/ui/dropdown/dropdownActionViewItem.js';\n// The alternative key on all platforms is alt. On windo…
H A Dol.js.map1 …rackedTouches_[pointerId].target !== event.target) {\n // Some platforms assign a new poi…