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H A Doutput.fastps.class.php14 var $overline; variable in OutputDriverFastPS
54 function decoration($underline, $overline, $linethrough) { argument
56 $this->overline = $overline;
234 $this->overline = false;
285 if ($this->overline) { $this->_show_overline($x, $y, $width, $this->fontsize); };
H A Doutput._interface.class.php15 function decoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { } argument
H A Doutput.pdflib.class.php90 function decoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { argument
94 pdf_set_parameter($this->pdf, "overline", $overline ? "true" : "false");
H A Doutput.pcl.class.php253 function decoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { } argument
H A Doutput.fpdf.class.php59 function decoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { argument
61 $this->pdf->SetDecoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout);
H A Dpdf.fpdf.php1067 var $overline; variable in FPDF
1481 function SetDecoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { argument
1483 $this->overline = $overline;
1648 $this->overline = false;
2067 if ($this->overline && $txt!='') {
H A Doutput.png.class.php301 function decoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { } argument
H A Dentities.txt641 overline
H A Dentities.txt641 overline
H A Dentities.txt641 overline
H A Dfpdf.php976 var $overline; variable in FPDF
1389 function SetDecoration($underline, $overline, $strikeout) { argument
1391 $this->overline = $overline;
1555 $this->overline = false;
2112 if ($this->overline && $txt!='') {
H A Dstyle.css130 text-decoration: overline line-through underline;
H A DCHANGELOG.md263 - text-decoration:overline
294 - fix for underline/strikethrough/overline so that line position(s) are based correctly on font-siz…
H A Dcss.min.js.map1 …romo\", \"outset\",\n \"outside\", \"outside-shape\", \"overlay\", \"overline\", \"padding\", \…
H A Dstylus.min.js.map1 …riya\",\"oromo\",\"outset\",\"outside\",\"outside-shape\",\"overlay\",\"overline\",\"padding\",\"p…
H A D2.2.js.map1overline\",\n \"description\": \"Each line of text has a line above it.\"\n …
H A Dmaterialdesignicons.min.css1 …F27B"}.mdi-format-list-numbered-rtl::before{content:"\FCE9"}.mdi-format-overline::before{content:"…
H A Dsyntaxhighlighter.js.map1overline pointer portrait pre print projection purple red relative repeat repeat-x repeat-y rgb ri…
H A Dpdfmake.min.js37 …n":{inherit:!1,initial:"none",values:{none:"none",underline:"underline",overline:"overline","line-…
H A Dpdfmake.min.js.map1 …n\t\t\t\ty += lineAscent + descent * 0.45;\n\t\t\t\tbreak;\n\t\t\tcase 'overline':\n\t\t\t\ty += l…
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1 …4D;\n t['otildedieresis'] = 0x1E4F;\n t['oubopomofo'] = 0x3121;\n t['overline'] = 0x203E;\n t[…