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H A DGoogleDevtoolsRemoteworkersV1test2CommandOverhead.php23 public $overhead; variable in Google\\Service\\RemoteBuildExecution\\GoogleDevtoolsRemoteworkersV1test2CommandOverhead
33 public function setOverhead($overhead) argument
35 $this->overhead = $overhead;
39 return $this->overhead;
H A DGoogleDevtoolsRemoteworkersV1test2CommandResult.php28 public $overhead; variable in Google\\Service\\RemoteBuildExecution\\GoogleDevtoolsRemoteworkersV1test2CommandResult
70 public function setOverhead($overhead) argument
72 $this->overhead = $overhead;
76 return $this->overhead;
H A Dhttp-handler.asciidoc14 the curl_multi interface. This involves a bit more overhead, but allows batches
39 of overhead by reducing indirection.
H A Dconnection-pool.asciidoc59 scripts but tends to be additional overhead that is unnecessary for average PHP
224 non-negligible overhead for certain PHP applications. The average PHP script
228 process eventually adds a large amount of overhead.
H A Dselectors.asciidoc45 request is often a sub-optimal strategy and introduces a lot of overhead.
H A Dintro.rst15 overhead compared to regular PHP code was reduced to the very minimum.
H A Dapi.rst140 the template filename extension (this strategy does not incur any overhead at
522 only be used on your development machines as it adds some overhead::
H A Drecipes.rst298 there is no overhead when registering these callbacks.
H A Dadvanced_legacy.rst731 at the cost of a small overhead.
H A Dconfiguration.rst43 …need to manually clear cache folders, however in production they are just unnecessary overhead. The
H A DREADME.md60 …- Even without the overhead of jQuery, the amount of content which is different between individual…
H A Drpg-awesome.min.css5 …"}.ra-on-target:before{content:""}.ra-ophiuchus:before{content:""}.ra-overhead:before{content:"…
H A DUPGRADING.md36 overhead is no longer needed, reducing stack sizes, reducing complexity,
H A Dquotes.txt3466 A bird in the hand is safer than one overhead. <BR> -- Newton's Seventh Law
H A Dol.js.map1overhead in\n * transferring data to multiple workers, and that depending on the user's\n * system…
H A Dpdfmake.min.js.map1 …er buffer sizes give\n\t * fast adaptation but have of course the overhead of transmitting\n…