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H A DSniffer.php104 $official = trim(strtolower($official));
106 if ($official === 'unknown/unknown'
107 || $official === 'application/unknown')
111 elseif (substr($official, -4) === '+xml'
112 || $official === 'text/xml'
113 || $official === 'application/xml')
115 return $official;
117 elseif (substr($official, 0, 6) === 'image/')
124 return $official;
126 elseif ($official === 'text/html')
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H A Dhelp.txt11 Si [[doku>acl|official documentation on ACL]] legas, maius auxilium in Vicem mutando habes.
H A Dhelp.txt11 Das Lesen von [[doku>acl|official documentation on ACL]] kann Dir helfen zu verstehen, wie die Zugr…
H A Dhelp.txt8 Reading the [[doku>acl|official documentation on ACL]] might help you to fully understand how acces…
H A Dhelp.txt11 Consultar el [[doku>acl|official documentation on ACL]] puede ayudarle a entender completamente co…
H A Dhelp.txt11 Es recommendate leger le [[doku>acl|documentation official super ACL]] pro comprender completemente…
H A Dhelp.txt11 Consultarea [[doku>acl|official documentation on ACL]] vă poate ajuta să înţelegeţi deplin cum func…
H A DLICENSE159 A "Standard Interface" means an interface that either is an official