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H A DGPXCreator.php30 $now = new FeedDate();
34 <time>".htmlspecialchars($now->iso8601())."</time>
H A DAtomCreator03.php48 $now = new FeedDate();
49 $feed .= " <modified>".htmlspecialchars($now->iso8601())."</modified>\n";
H A DRSSCreator10.php40 $now = new FeedDate();
41 $feed .= " <dc:date>".htmlspecialchars($now->iso8601())."</dc:date>\n";
H A DAtomCreator10.php48 $now = new FeedDate();
49 $feed .= " <updated>".htmlspecialchars($now->iso8601())."</updated>\n";
H A DRSSCreator091.php63 $now = new FeedDate();
65 $this->lastBuildDate ?: $now->rfc822()
H A Dlocktimer.js104 var now = new Date(),
108 if(now.getTime() - dw_locktimer.lasttime.getTime() <= 30*1000) {
129 dw_locktimer.lasttime = now;
H A Dbehaviour.js237 img.src = $checkDiv.data('src') + '?t=' + Date.now();
H A Dscript.js37 var now = new Date().getTime();
38 $style.attr('href', DOKU_BASE + 'lib/exe/css.php?preview=1&tseed=' + now);
H A Ddraft.txt3 …ectly. DokuWiki automatically saved a draft during your work which you may now use to continue you…
H A Dinstall.php346 $now = gmdate('r');
352 * Date: $now
392 # Date: $now
411 # Date: $now
438 * Date: $now
H A DCHANGELOG.md9 * PHP 5.6 or newer is now required. [#625](https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/pull/625)
55 * Titles are now parsed for ATOM10 enclosure links. [#507](https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/p…
56 * `$item->get_id()` can now be forced to return the supplied ID instead of generating a new one. [#…
87 * Leading and trailing whitespace is now trimmed from XML feed content to prevent errors. [#445](ht…
93 * Serialized data is now used for hashing in `SimplePie_Item->get_id()`. [#348](https://github.com/…
112 * Charsets are now compared without case sensitivity to avoid duplicates. [#352](https://github.com…
114 * The feed URL is now updated based on the URL returned by cURL. [#348](https://github.com/simplepi…
117 * `rss:pubDate` is now used over `atom:updated` when determining the posting date. [#288](https://g…
119 * All items are now forced to have a timestamp. [#348](https://github.com/simplepie/simplepie/pull/…
H A DHISTORY.md14 * 2020-01-19: removed HHVM profile from travis. HHVM support is now broken anyway
H A Dwordblock.conf4 https?:\/\/(\S*?)(-side-effects|top|pharm|pill|discount|discount-|deal|price|order|now|best|cheap|c…
H A Dwelcome.txt3 Congratulations, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips to get you started.
H A DBUGS5 - Number highlighting is quite poor [possibly better now]
H A DCHANGELOG412 * eMail Header highlighting now uses the correct delimiters for keywords (BenBE)
413 * eMail (RFC822\mbox) highlighting now highlights IPs, MIME types and
495 * Keyword Linking now uses considerably less strtolower calls (milian)
629 Even if GeSHi worked with PHP 4.1 before, it doesn't now. (Milian Wolff)
655 - Language files can now specify a function to be called to decide the
901 - Minor change to rules regarding when keywords can appear - now dots (.) are
904 is now applied (Amit Gupta)
914 - Fixed bug in set_code_style: Second parameter is now optional
966 - You can now specify an array of object splitters, and each
1005 - error() now returns a human-readable error message
[all …]
H A DReadMe.txt71 // Output, what we got now
86 // Output, what we got now, if output should be in a format different to UTF-8
H A DREADME.md147 now includes most RSS 0.91 attributes
H A Djquery.min.js2now(),this[S.expando]=!0},S.Event.prototype={constructor:S.Event,isDefaultPrevented:Ee,isPropagati…