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H A Dmedia.php412 * @param string $move name of functions that performs move/copy/..
415 function media_save($file, $id, $ow, $auth, $move) { argument
474 $data[5] = $move;
509 * @param string $move function name
512 function media_upload_finish($fn_tmp, $fn, $id, $imime, $overwrite, $move = 'move_uploaded_file') { argument
528 if($move($fn_tmp, $fn)) {
H A Dmobile.less224 .dokuwiki div.breadcrumbs, /* @todo: maybe move breadcrumbs to the bottom? */
H A DadLDAPUsers.php649 public function move($username, $container) function in adLDAPUsers
H A Dsmoothness.css579 cursor: move;