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H A DClientSaslBindHandler.php62 $mech = $this->selectSaslMech($request, $context);
80 $response = $this->processSaslChallenge($request, $queue, $saslResponse, $mech);
95 $mech = $this->sasl->get($request->getMechanism());
96 $request->setMechanism($mech->getName());
98 return $mech;
103 $mech = $this->sasl->select($availableMechs, $request->getOptions());
104 $request->setMechanism($mech->getName());
106 return $mech;
113 MechanismInterface $mech argument
115 $challenge = $mech->challenge();
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H A DMechanismSelector.php153 … $supportsInt = array_filter($available, function (MechanismInterface $mech) use ($useIntegrity) {
154 return $mech->securityStrength()->supportsIntegrity() === $useIntegrity;
159 … $supportsPriv = array_filter($available, function (MechanismInterface $mech) use ($usePrivacy) {
160 return $mech->securityStrength()->supportsPrivacy() === $usePrivacy;
H A DSasl.php48 $mech = $this->mechanisms[$mechanism] ?? null;
50 if ($mech === null) {
54 return $mech;
H A DSaslBindRequest.php62 public function setMechanism(string $mech): self argument
64 $this->mechanism = $mech;
H A Dbible_verses.txt98 …'ja·el, and Me·hu'ja·el became father to Me·thu'sha·el, and Me·thu'sha·el became father to La'mech.
99 And La'mech proceeded to take two wives for himself. The name of the first was A'dah and the name o…
103 Consequently La'mech composed these words for his wives A'dah and Zil'lah:"Hear my voice, you wives…
104 If seven times Cain is to be avenged,Then La'mech seventy times and seven."
131 And Me·thu'se·lah lived on for a hundred and eighty-seven years. Then he became father to La'mech.
132 And after his fathering La'mech Me·thu'se·lah continued to live seven hundred and eighty-two years.…
134 And La'mech lived on for a hundred and eighty-two years. Then he became father to a son.
136 And after his fathering Noah La'mech continued to live five hundred and ninety-five years. Meanwhil…
137 So all the days of La'mech amounted to seven hundred and seventy-seven years and he died.
10256 E'noch,Me·thu'se·lah,La'mech,
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