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H A DLocalizedProperty.php63 public function setLocalized($localized) argument
65 $this->localized = $localized;
72 return $this->localized;
H A DChannelSectionSnippet.php80 public function setLocalized(ChannelSectionLocalization $localized) argument
82 $this->localized = $localized;
89 return $this->localized;
H A DChannelSnippet.php110 public function setLocalized(ChannelLocalization $localized) argument
112 $this->localized = $localized;
119 return $this->localized;
H A DPlaylistSnippet.php119 public function setLocalized(PlaylistLocalization $localized) argument
121 $this->localized = $localized;
128 return $this->localized;
H A DVideoSnippet.php169 public function setLocalized(VideoLocalization $localized) argument
171 $this->localized = $localized;
178 return $this->localized;
H A Dintl.rst17 Use the ``localizeddate`` filter to format dates into a localized string
77 Use the ``localizednumber`` filter to format numbers into a localized string
116 Use the ``localizedcurrency`` filter to format a currency value into a localized string.
H A DChangeLog22 * Added localized plugin description.
H A Daction.php157 * @return localized string
H A DREADME.md56 … way to search for it. This is because DokuWiki has no API for creating localized date entry field…
H A DGoogle_YouTubeService.php2937 public $localized; variable in Google_LocalizedProperty
2944 public function setLocalized(/* array(Google_LocalizedString) */ $localized) { argument
2945 $this->assertIsArray($localized, 'Google_LocalizedString', __METHOD__);
2946 $this->localized = $localized;
2949 return $this->localized;
H A Dviewer.js.map1localized' event on the `eventBus` once the viewer\n // has been fully initialized and transl…
H A D4.4.js.map1 …7/schema#'\n },\n // bundle the schema-schema to include (localized) descriptions\n …
H A D3.3.js.map1localized, or whether to leave them unchanged. It can have the following values:\\n\\n* empty st…
H A Dbundle.js.map1localized separately.'\n ]\n }, \"Difference {0} of {1}: original line {2}, {3},…
H A Djson.worker.js.map1 …7/schema#'\n },\n // bundle the schema-schema to include (localized) descriptions\n …
H A Dsyntaxhighlighter.js.map1 …|physical memory|time (stamp|to GMT)|replacing|ASCII (character|number)|localized string|from tabl…