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H A Ddataloader.min.js1loadData=function(){if("stock"===a.type)setTimeout(function(){0>a.panelsSettings.startDuration&&(c… function
H A Ddataloader.js95 l.loadData = function() { function
174 l.loadData();
H A Dreadme.md184 calling `chart.dataLoader.loadData()` function. (replace "chart" with the actual
343 * Added `chart.dataLoader.loadData()` function which can be used to manually trigger all data reload
H A DSketchCanvas.js1240 this.loadData = function(value){ method in SketchCanvas
H A DEditorUi.js2185 var loadData = mxUtils.bind(this, function(data)
2278 loadData(data);
2289 loadData('');
H A Dhandsontable.full.js15558 this.loadData = function (data) {
15756 instance.loadData(null); // data source created just now
15758 instance.loadData(settings.data); // data source given as option
29222 this.htEditor.loadData((0, _array.pivot)([choices]));