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H A DExpressionParser.php85 $expr = new $class($expr, $expr1, $token->getLine());
107 $line = $stream->getCurrent()->getLine();
139 $line = $token->getLine();
218 $node = new ConstantExpression(true, $token->getLine());
272 $node = new $class($expr, $token->getLine());
325 $node = new ArrayExpression([], $stream->getCurrent()->getLine());
350 $node = new ArrayExpression([], $stream->getCurrent()->getLine());
470 $lineno = $token->getLine();
513 $arg = new ConstantExpression(0, $token->getLine());
531 …ew $class($node, new ConstantExpression('slice', $token->getLine()), $arguments, $token->getLine()…
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H A DParser.php108 $e->setTemplateLine($this->stream->getCurrent()->getLine());
130 $lineno = $this->getCurrentToken()->getLine();
136 $rv[] = new TextNode($token->getValue(), $token->getLine());
143 $rv[] = new PrintNode($expr, $token->getLine());
151 …throw new SyntaxError('A block must start with a tag name.', $token->getLine(), $this->stream->get…
168 … SyntaxError(sprintf('Unexpected "%s" tag', $token->getValue()), $token->getLine(), $this->stream-…
174 …ew SyntaxError(sprintf('Unknown "%s" tag.', $token->getValue()), $token->getLine(), $this->stream-…
191 …xer or parser ended up in unsupported state.', $this->getCurrentToken()->getLine(), $this->stream-…
H A DTokenStream.php50 …xError('Unexpected end of template.', $this->tokens[$this->current - 1]->getLine(), $this->source);
75 $line = $token->getLine();
96 …expected end of template.', $this->tokens[$this->current + $number - 1]->getLine(), $this->source);
H A DToken.php88 public function getLine() function in Twig\\Token
H A DEmbedTokenParser.php32 …tToken = $fakeParentToken = new Token(/* Token::STRING_TYPE */ 7, '__parent__', $token->getLine());
34 …ntToken = new Token(/* Token::STRING_TYPE */ 7, $parent->getAttribute('value'), $token->getLine());
36 …arentToken = new Token(/* Token::NAME_TYPE */ 5, $parent->getAttribute('name'), $token->getLine());
41 new Token(/* Token::BLOCK_START_TYPE */ 1, '', $token->getLine()),
42 new Token(/* Token::NAME_TYPE */ 5, 'extends', $token->getLine()),
44 new Token(/* Token::BLOCK_END_TYPE */ 3, '', $token->getLine()),
58 …odule->getAttribute('index'), $variables, $only, $ignoreMissing, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag(…
H A DExtendsTokenParser.php31 …throw new SyntaxError('Cannot use "extend" in a block.', $token->getLine(), $stream->getSourceCont…
33 …throw new SyntaxError('Cannot use "extend" in a macro.', $token->getLine(), $stream->getSourceCont…
37 …throw new SyntaxError('Multiple extends tags are forbidden.', $token->getLine(), $stream->getSourc…
H A DSetTokenParser.php32 $lineno = $token->getLine();
43 …e the same number of variables and assignments.', $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
49 …t with a block, you cannot have a multi-target.', $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DBlockTokenParser.php34 $lineno = $token->getLine();
38 …his->parser->getBlock($name)->getTemplateLine()), $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
50 …or block "%s" (but "%s" given).', $name, $value), $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DImportTokenParser.php29 …ssion($this->parser->getStream()->expect(/* Token::NAME_TYPE */ 5)->getValue(), $token->getLine());
34 …return new ImportNode($macro, $var, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag(), $this->parser->isMainScope…
H A DAutoEscapeTokenParser.php26 $lineno = $token->getLine();
34 …An escaping strategy must be a string or false.', $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DFromTokenParser.php49 $var = new AssignNameExpression($this->parser->getVarName(), $token->getLine());
50 …$node = new ImportNode($macro, $var, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag(), $this->parser->isMainScop…
H A DMacroTokenParser.php31 $lineno = $token->getLine();
44 …or macro "%s" (but "%s" given).', $name, $value), $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DIfTokenParser.php35 $lineno = $token->getLine();
64 …e the "if" block started at line %d).', $lineno), $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DFlushTokenParser.php28 return new FlushNode($token->getLine(), $this->getTag());
H A DDoTokenParser.php28 return new DoNode($expr, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag());
H A DDeprecatedTokenParser.php35 return new DeprecatedNode($expr, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag());
H A DSpacelessTokenParser.php34 $lineno = $token->getLine();
H A DWithTokenParser.php41 return new WithNode($body, $variables, $only, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag());
H A DSandboxTokenParser.php51 return new SandboxNode($body, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag());
H A DIncludeTokenParser.php33 …return new IncludeNode($expr, $variables, $only, $ignoreMissing, $token->getLine(), $this->getTag(…
H A DUseTokenParser.php39 …ferences in a "use" statement must be a string.', $stream->getCurrent()->getLine(), $stream->getSo…
H A DApplyTokenParser.php31 $lineno = $token->getLine();
H A DFilterTokenParser.php34 $lineno = $token->getLine();
H A DForTokenParser.php38 $lineno = $token->getLine();
H A DError.php237 array_unshift($traces, ['file' => $e->getFile(), 'line' => $e->getLine()]);