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H A DEntity.php29 foreach ($this->entities as $entity) {
30 $this->pattern .= $sep. Lexer::escape($entity);
H A DEntities.php101 $this->entity();
160 public function entity() function in SimplePie_Decode_HTML_Entities
H A Dmetadata.php363 * @param string $entity
365 public function entity($entity) function in Doku_Renderer_metadata
367 $this->cdata($entity);
H A Drenderer.php501 * @param string $entity
503 public function entity($entity) { function in Doku_Renderer
H A Dxhtml.php752 * @param string $entity
754 public function entity($entity) { argument
755 if(array_key_exists($entity, $this->entities)) {
756 $this->doc .= $this->entities[$entity];
758 $this->doc .= $this->_xmlEntities($entity);
H A Dhandler.php736 public function entity($match, $state, $pos) { function in Doku_Handler
H A DLICENSE494 An "entity transaction" is a transaction transferring control of an
497 work results from an entity transaction, each party to that
H A Dsyntax.txt270 There are three exceptions which do not come from that pattern file: multiplication entity (640x480…