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H A DAndroidEnterprise.php42 public $enterprises; variable in Google\\Service\\AndroidEnterprise
206 'enterprises',
219 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/completeSignup',
242 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/enroll',
252 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/signupUrl',
261 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/{enterpriseId}',
295 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises',
305 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/pullNotificationSet',
324 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/{enterpriseId}/account',
1279 'path' => 'androidenterprise/v1/enterprises/{enterpriseId}/users',
[all …]
H A DAndroidManagement.php42 public $enterprises; variable in Google\\Service\\AndroidManagement
71 'enterprises',
75 'path' => 'v1/enterprises',
116 'path' => 'v1/enterprises',
H A DListEnterprisesResponse.php33 public function setEnterprises($enterprises) argument
35 $this->enterprises = $enterprises;
42 return $this->enterprises;
H A DREADME.md51 and most security conscious enterprises in the world rely on.
H A D2_Kings.txt193 …ia served David under tribute, and the Lord preserved David in all his enterprises, whithersoever …
201 …nd all Edom was made to serve David: and the Lord preserved David in all enterprises he went about.
H A Dquotes.txt1218 Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. <BR> -- Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854), "Ec…
2824 Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the…