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H A DSMTP.php60 protected $encryption = null; variable in Swift_Connection_SMTP
98 public function __construct($server="localhost", $port=null, $encryption=null) argument
101 $this->setEncryption($encryption);
219 $this->encryption = (int) $enc;
228 return $this->encryption;
280 switch ($this->encryption)
292 if ($this->encryption == self::ENC_TLS) $server = "tls://" . $server;
293 elseif ($this->encryption == self::ENC_SSL) $server = "ssl://" . $server;
H A DPop3Connection.php51 public function __construct($server="localhost", $port=110, $encryption=0) argument
55 $this->setEncryption($encryption);
95 $this->encryption = (int) $enc;
103 return $this->encryption;
H A D@PopB4Smtp.php30 public function __construct($conn=null, $port=110, $encryption=0) argument
36 … $this->connection = new Swift_Authenticator_PopB4Smtp_Pop3Connection($conn, $port, $encryption);
H A DMetadata.php240 $encryption = $xml->getElementsByTagName('KeyDescriptor')->item(1);
241 $encryption->setAttribute('use', 'encryption');
243 $encryption->appendChild($keyInfo->cloneNode(true));
H A Dusers.txt8 …ord. The encryption method can be anything accepted by [[doku>config:passcrypt|passcrypt option]] …
H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc This plugin enables support of using inline pgp encryption.
H A DPlugin.txt4 description: This plugin enables support of using inline pgp encryption.
H A DREADME.md26 …pen, asking the user to enter a pass phrase key for the encryption. Once supplied, the encryption
H A DREADME.md4 …103709/http://www.obviex.com/samples/dpapi.aspx), [Remko Weijnen's RDP encryption research](http:/…
H A DCHANGELOG40 * Allow the getSPMetadata() method to always include the encryption Key Descriptor
73 …egister more than 1 Identity Provider x509cert, linked with an specific use (signing or encryption)
150 * Symmetric encryption key support
158 …addX509KeyDescriptors method that will allow to set KeyDescriptor[use='encryption'] if wantNameIdE…
H A DREADME.md72 * Assertion and nameId encryption.
216 handle the sign and the encryption of xml elements.
284 encryption.
421 * signing/encryption, or is under key rollover phase and
431 // 'encryption' => array(
1243 signing/encryption, or is under key rollover phase and more than one certificate is published on Id…
1251 - `'encryption'` An array with one unique cert that will be used to encrypt data to be sent to the …
H A D__template.txt55 title = "Deciphering a linear congruential encryption",
H A Dmysql.conf.php.example36 /* Normally password encryption is done by DokuWiki (recommended) but for
37 * some reasons it might be usefull to let the database do the encryption.
H A Dsecurity.asciidoc4 The Elasticsearch-PHP client supports two security features: HTTP Authentication and SSL encryption.
H A Dper-request-configuration.asciidoc270 <<security>> for more details), since encryption typically
H A Dconfiguration.asciidoc93 For details about HTTP Authorization and SSL encryption, see
H A DREADME.md33 …s plugin uses RSA and needs to be rewritten to use a different library/encryption mechanism. As it…
H A Detherpadlite.js136 var encLabel = jQuery('<label/>').attr('for','encMode').text(ep.lang.encryption+':');
H A Dxmlseclibs.php190 * If the key size is unknown, or this isn't a symmetric encryption algorithm,
H A Dperl.min.js.map1 … crypt :1, // - one-way passwd-style encryption\n …
H A Dxlsx.min.js5 …6625:case 26126:case 26127:case 26128:break;default:throw"Unrecognized encryption algorithm: "+o.A…
H A Dpgn-standard.txt59 designs a data format using encryption or some other secret, proprietary
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1encryption method');\n }\n this.dict = dict;\n var algorithm = dict.get('V');\n if (!N…