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H A Dadmin.php71 * @param bool $enable If TRUE, it will enable autosubmit. Else, it will disable it.
73 protected function enableAutosubmit($enable) argument
75 if ($enable) {
H A Dintro_plugins.txt1 These are the plugins currently installed in your DokuWiki. You can enable or disable or even compl…
H A DSimplePie.php739 public function force_feed($enable = false) argument
741 $this->force_feed = (bool) $enable;
847 $this->force_fsockopen = (bool) $enable;
857 * @param bool $enable Enable caching
859 public function enable_cache($enable = true) argument
861 $this->cache = (bool) $enable;
876 $this->force_cache_fallback= (bool) $enable;
918 $this->order_by_date = (bool) $enable;
1162 public function remove_div($enable = true) argument
1164 $this->sanitize->remove_div($enable);
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H A Dpluginutils.php80 return $plugin_controller->enable($plugin);
H A DColors.php78 public function enable() function in splitbrain\\phpcli\\Colors
H A D.htaccess.dist39 ## If you enable DokuWikis XML-RPC interface, you should consider to
H A Dadmin.php103 $status = $extension->enable();
H A Dcli.php153 $status = $ext->enable();
H A DREADME.md11 …e conversion from PHP types to XML-RPC types and vice versa. This should enable developers to writ…
H A DSanitize.php81 public function remove_div($enable = true) argument
83 $this->remove_div = (bool) $enable;
H A DPluginController.php184 public function enable($plugin) function in dokuwiki\\Extension\\PluginController
H A Dextension.php715 public function enable() function in helper_plugin_extension_extension
723 if ($plugin_controller->enable($this->base)) {
H A Dmobile.less104 /* enable horizontal scrolling in media manager */
H A DadLDAPUsers.php459 public function enable($username, $isGUID = false) function in adLDAPUsers
H A Dgeshi.php1907 * @param boolean $enable If true, links will be added to keywords
1910 public function enable_keyword_links($enable = true) { argument
1911 $this->keyword_links = (bool) $enable;
H A Djquery-ui.min.js6 …-state-hover"),this._removeClass(this.focusable,null,"ui-state-focus"))},enable:function(){return … method in t.Widget
13 …ow(),"content"!==this.options.heightStyle&&this.panels.css("height","")},enable:function(e){var i=…
H A DLICENSE167 Component, and (b) serves only to enable use of the work with that
H A DCHANGELOG731 - Added a method to enable/disable keyword linking (Ian McKellar)