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H A DInterval.php98 public function disjoint(Interval $other) : bool function in Antlr\\Antlr4\\Runtime\\Interval
H A DIntervalSet.php215 if ($addition->adjacent($resilt) || !$addition->disjoint($resilt)) {
226 if (!$bigger->adjacent($next) && $bigger->disjoint($next)) {
H A DGeometry.php740 public function disjoint(Geometry $geometry) function in geoPHP\\Geometry\\Geometry
744 return $this->getGeos()->disjoint($geometry->getGeos());
H A DClient.asciidoc542 … method ie. if date filters are mandatory to match but the shard bounds and the query are disjoint.
H A Dscript.js8 …ter.contains=function(t,e,r){return new aE(t,e,r)}||{},wO.format.filter.disjoint=function(t,e,r){r…
H A Dol.js.map1disjoint to a given geometry.\n *\n * @param {!string} geometryName Geometry name to use.\n * @par…