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H A Dintro_install.txt1 Here you can manually install plugins and templates by either uploading them or providing a direct
H A DREADME.md28 …e installed, if any get made, while never jumping to my modified class without your direct action):
H A Dcommon.php576 * @param bool $direct link to detail page if false
581 function ml($id = '', $more = '', $direct = true, $sep = '&', $abs = false) { argument
599 if(isset($more['id']) && $direct) unset($more['id']);
634 if($direct) {
H A Dsyntax.txt85 …* For security reasons direct browsing of windows shares only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer…
H A DCHANGELOG618 - Code cleanup by using direct string indexing instead of substr with length 1 (Milian Wolff)