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H A DLogger.php90 static public function deprecated($message, $details = null, $file = '', $line = 0) function in dokuwiki\\Logger
H A DCHANGELOG.md21 * Preemptively changed `is_writeable()` calls to `is_writable()` in case the former is deprecated i…
63 * PHP 7 Support: Fixed deprecated message for old style constructors. [#489](https://github.com/sim…
111 * Re-added the deprecated `get/set_favicon()` methods for backwards compatibility.
H A DREADME.md6 Supported formats: RSS0.91, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, PIE0.1 (deprecated), MBOX, OPML, ATOM, ATOM0.3,
H A DSimplePie.php3122 trigger_error('subscribe_*() has been deprecated, implement the callback yourself', $level);
3128 trigger_error('enable_xml_dump() has been deprecated, use get_raw_data() instead', $level);
H A Dsmoothness.css1232 /* ui-icon-seek-first is deprecated, use ui-icon-seek-start instead */
H A DCHANGELOG853 - Marked important block stuff as deprecated