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H A Dscript.js6 return confirm(LANG.del_confirm);
H A Dadmin.php883 * @param string $confirm repeated password for confirmation
886 protected function verifyPassword($password, $confirm) argument
890 if (empty($password) && empty($confirm)) {
894 if ($password !== $confirm) {
H A Dpwconfirm.txt7 To confirm that the request was really sent by you please use the following link.
H A Dintro.txt3 … list of spammy pages first enter a search string (eg. a spam URL), then confirm that the found pa…
H A Dscript.js9 if(!window.confirm(LANG.plugins.extension.reallydel)){
H A Dbehaviour.js92 return confirm(LANG.restore_confirm);
H A Dmedia.js418 if ($link[0].id == 'mediamanager__btn_delete' && !confirm(LANG.del_confirm)) {
421 if ($link[0].id == 'mediamanager__btn_restore' && !confirm(LANG.restore_confirm)) {
780 if (!confirm(LANG.del_confirm + "\n" + jQuery(this).attr('title'))) {