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H A DREADME.md17 configure it how you like, then tell it to compile something using one built in
18 compile methods.
20 The `compile` method compiles a string of LESS code to CSS.
27 echo $less->compile(".block { padding: 3 + 4px }");
51 $less->compile("invalid LESS } {");
85 compile as needed to the output file:
H A Dlessc.inc.php2077 public function compile($string, $name = null) { function in lessc
2118 $out = $this->compile(file_get_contents($fname), $fname);
2259 $out = $this->compile($str);
H A DREADME.markdown41 If you'd like a single monolithic file, you can run `php build/compile.php` to
H A Dcss.php208 return $less->compile($css);
H A Djquery.min.js2 …ngth));if(!n)break}return t?a.length:a?se.error(e):x(e,s).slice(0)},f=se.compile=function(e,t){var…