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H A DGoogle_GamesService.php2040 public $capabilities; variable in Google_RoomCreateRequest
2057 $this->assertIsArray($capabilities, 'Google_string', __METHOD__);
2058 $this->capabilities = $capabilities;
2061 return $this->capabilities;
2097 public $capabilities; variable in Google_RoomJoinRequest
2106 $this->assertIsArray($capabilities, 'Google_string', __METHOD__);
2107 $this->capabilities = $capabilities;
2110 return $this->capabilities;
2326 public $capabilities; variable in Google_RoomParticipant
2346 $this->capabilities = $capabilities;
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H A DIJR_Server.php13 var $capabilities; variable in IJR_Server
176 $this->capabilities = array(
H A DIJR_IntrospectionServer.php19 $this->capabilities['introspection'] = array(
H A Dplugin.info.txt8 desc Enable typesetting capabilities with CSS font properties such as font face, size, weight, an…
H A DREADME23 user (and the admin) options depending on the auth plugin's capabilities.
26 - EITHER DokuWiki's auth plugin does NOT report capabilities such as "change
33 capabilities, the user could attempt to change his password through the
H A DREADME.md86 in term of interfaces, i.e. stream capabilities. This is almost the
92 ### Interfaces, aka stream capabilities
95 capabilities. This is very useful when designing a function, or a
97 offers certain capabilities. The interfaces are declared in the
124 what capabilities its stream will provide or not.
127 method, that's all. That's the most undefined stream. All capabilities
H A DREADME.txt80 Other than reading files, Jmol does not currently utilize other capabilities
100 the capabilities provided by some of the files, because the pop-up menu
H A DexampleDataForCutAndPaste.txt7 An application program created for Apple Computer, that combines database capabilities with a graph…
H A DCHANGELOG.md47 capabilities to map between ValueObjects and XML.
H A DCHANGELOG.md53 capabilities to map between ValueObjects and XML.
H A Dauth.php.org27 * able to operate. Set capabilities.
H A DREADME.md119 …plorer). This support of VML made it impossible to use some newer SVG capabilities. Native SVG all…
H A Dconfiguration.asciidoc230 never need async capabilities, since it will save a small amount of overhead by reducing indirectio…
H A DREADME.md8 This plugin adds export capabilities to all amCharts products - charts and maps.
H A Dpgn-standard.txt1635 set of powerful features that are beyond the capabilities of any one of the
1748 capabilities. It is available from the chess.uoknor.edu ftp site in the
2716 capabilities increases, the need for PGC over PGN will decrease. Therefore,
H A Dthree.min.js171 …ams;var Da=new Sf(A,ma,la),Ea=new Rf(A,ma,la);b();this.context=A;this.capabilities=ia;this.extensi…
840 …tsVertexTextures() is now .capabilities.vertexTextures.");return this.capabilities.vertexTextures}…
H A D3.3.js.map1 …ctivation` : Lets the resource request access to the parent's storage capabilities with the [Stora…
H A Dbundle.js.map1capabilities built in.\n * Specify an AMD module to load that will `create` an object that will be…