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H A DAlertCenter.php41 public $alerts; variable in Google\\Service\\AlertCenter
64 'alerts',
68 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts:batchDelete',
72 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts:batchUndelete',
76 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}',
90 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}',
104 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}/metadata',
118 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts',
143 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}:undelete',
163 'path' => 'v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}/feedback',
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H A DAdsense.php314 'alerts',
318 'path' => 'v2/{+parent}/alerts',
H A DListAlertsResponse.php29 public function setAlerts($alerts) argument
31 $this->alerts = $alerts;
38 return $this->alerts;
H A DListAlertsResponse.php33 public function setAlerts($alerts) argument
35 $this->alerts = $alerts;
42 return $this->alerts;
H A Dplugin.info.txt6 desc Throw alerts when some tags are detected (based on Dokuwiki system messages or just stylin…
H A Dalert.txt30 ==== Dismissible alerts ====
H A Dall.css33 * Not quite alerts, but custom and helpful notes for folks reading the docs.
H A DREADME.textile14 # No annoying JavaScript-alerts.
H A DREADME.md89 …- Fixed a text alignment not being applied in alerts [#8](https://github.com/nomadjimbob/mikioplug…
H A Dbugzillaint.txt26 Customizable visual alerts direct your attention to oncoming deadlines or high
H A DGoogle_AdSenseService.php1020 public $alerts; variable in Google_AdSenseService
1054 …$this->alerts = new Google_AlertsServiceResource($this, $this->serviceName, 'alerts', json_decode(…