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H A Drenderer.php24 function _simpleTitle($name) { function in renderer_plugin_partialsearch
26 $name= parent::_simpleTitle($name);
H A Dlocallink.php34 $default = $renderer->_simpleTitle($id);
H A DInternalLinkNode.php48 $default = $xhtml_renderer->_simpleTitle($parts[0]);
H A Drenderer.php48 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Daction.php113 $defaulttitle = $Renderer->_simpleTitle($link[2]);
H A Dbook.php124 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dpage.php1326 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dpagenav.php157 $defaulttitle = $renderer->_simpleTitle($url[2]);
H A Drenderer.php59 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dcsv.php151 $title = $this->_simpleTitle($link);
H A Dsyntax.php127 $default = $xhtml->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Drenderer.php256 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);// now first resolve and clean up the $id
H A Dsyntax.php483 function _simpleTitle($name){ function in syntax_plugin_bibtex
H A Dlink.php370 $default = $renderer->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dsyntax.php344 $default = $xhtml->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dpdf.php279 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Drenderer.php439 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dsyntax.php120 $default = $renderer->_simpleTitle($url);
H A Dsyntax.php137 $default = $renderer->_simpleTitle($url);
H A Drenderer.php290 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Dlatex.php442 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
480 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
1689 function _simpleTitle($name) { function in Doku_Renderer_latex
H A Dtoc.php294 $default = $renderer->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Drenderer.php407 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Drenderer.php517 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);
H A Drenderer.php1102 $default = $this->_simpleTitle($id);