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H A Dsyntax.php110 $this->_show_message("Name has invalid input");
114 $this->_show_message("Email address has invalid input");
118 $this->_show_message("Subject has invalid input");
122 $this->_show_message("Destination address has invalid input");
126 $this->_show_message("Comment has invalid input");
134 $this->_show_message ("Mail sent successfully");
137 $this->_show_message ("Mail not sent. Please contact the administrator");
145 function _show_message($string){ function in syntax_plugin_contact
H A Daction.php85 $this->_show_message('redirect_halt', $ID, $page);
93 $this->_show_message('redirected_from', $ID, $dest, $status);
313 protected function _show_message($format, $orig=NULL, $dest=NULL, $status=302) { function in action_plugin_redirect2
H A Dsyntax.php266 $ret .= $this->_show_message();
302 protected function _show_message() { function in syntax_plugin_moderncontact
H A Dsyntax.php399 function _show_message($string){ function in syntax_plugin_dokumicrobugtracker
H A Dsyntax.php1482 function _show_message($string){ function in syntax_plugin_issuetracker