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H A Dzapier_instructions.txt1 ====== Zapier ======
3 - Go to [[https://zapier.com/app/editor/|the Zapier App editor]]
8 - Search for ''Webhook'' in the search field and choose ''Webhooks by Zapier''
H A DZapier.php5 class Zapier extends \dokuwiki\plugin\swarmwebhook\webhooks\Zapier class
H A DZapierHandlePayload.test.php30 $webhook = new mock\Zapier();
60 $webhook = new mock\Zapier();
H A DZapierExtractData.test.php54 $zapierWebhook = new mock\Zapier();
H A DAbstractWebhook.php17 return new Zapier();
H A DZapier.php7 class Zapier extends AbstractWebhook class
H A DREADME.md7 A webhook endpoint for swarm Check-Ins forwarded by IFTTT or Zapier into a struct table