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H A DResource.php23 use Google\Utils\UriTemplate; alias
298 $uriTemplateParser = new UriTemplate();
H A Daliases.php64 class Google_Utils_UriTemplate extends \Google\Utils\UriTemplate {}
H A Dfunctions.php27 $uriTemplate = new UriTemplate();
H A DUriTemplate.php9 class UriTemplate class
H A DUriTemplate.php24 class UriTemplate class
H A DCHANGELOG.md656 * UriTemplate now has a `setRegex()` method to match the docs
693 * Bug fix: Properly URL encoding paths when using the PHP-only version of the UriTemplate expander
1299 * [BC] Moved Guzzle\Http\UriTemplate to Guzzle\Http\Parser\UriTemplate\UriTemplate
H A DUPGRADING.md569 - UriTemplate: URI template parsing has been moved to
570 `GuzzleHttp\UriTemplate`. The Guzzle library will automatically use the PECL