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H A DConversion.php25 foreach (Unicode::fromUtf8($str) as $cp) {
88 return Unicode::toUtf8(array(ord($c)));
122 return Unicode::toUtf8(array($cp));
141 $uni = Unicode::fromUtf8($str);
159 return Unicode::toUtf8($uni);
H A DTable.php89 $string = Unicode::toUtf8($table);
H A DUnicode.php8 class Unicode class
H A Dutf8.php14 use dokuwiki\Utf8\Unicode; alias
236 dbg_deprecated(Unicode::class . '::fromUtf8()');
237 return Unicode::fromUtf8($str, $strict);
245 dbg_deprecated(Unicode::class . '::toUtf8()');
246 return Unicode::toUtf8($arr, $strict);
H A DSafeFN.class.php48 return self::unicodeToSafe(\dokuwiki\Utf8\Unicode::fromUtf8($filename));
77 return \dokuwiki\Utf8\Unicode::toUtf8(self::safeToUnicode(strtolower($filename)));
H A DReadMe.txt32 Unicode strings are expected to be either UTF-8 strings, UCS-4 strings or UCS-4