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H A DTemplate.php8 class Twig_Template extends Template class
H A Dtemplate_instance.test2 "include" function accepts Twig_Template instance
H A Dtemplate_instance.test2 "extends" tag accepts Twig_Template instance
H A DCHANGELOG169 * fixed precedence between getFoo() and isFoo() in Twig_Template::getAttribute()
195 * deprecated Twig_Template::getSource() in favor of Twig_Template::getSourceContext()
207 * fixed default implementation of Twig_Template::getDebugInfo() for better BC
298 * added a way to get the original template source from Twig_Template
320 * deprecated Twig_Template::getEnvironment()
651 * refactored Twig_Template::display() to ease its extension
677 * removed usage of Reflection in Twig_Template::getAttribute()
791 * removed coupling between Twig_Node and Twig_Template
902 * fixed Twig_Template::getAttribute() for protected properties
914 * removed Twig_Template instances from the debug tag output
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