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H A DNode.php23 class Twig_Filter_Node extends Twig_Filter
H A DFunction.php23 class Twig_Filter_Function extends Twig_Filter
H A DMethod.php25 class Twig_Filter_Method extends Twig_Filter
H A DFilter.php25 abstract class Twig_Filter implements Twig_FilterInterface, Twig_FilterCallableInterface class
H A Ddeprecated.rst69 * ``Twig_Filter``
75 removed in Twig 3.x (use ``Twig_Filter`` instead). In Twig 2.x,
76 ``\Twig\TwigFilter`` is just an alias for ``Twig_Filter``.
H A Dadvanced_legacy.rst184 The second argument of ``addFilter()`` is an instance of ``Twig_Filter``.
226 The ``Twig_Filter`` classes take options as their last argument. For instance,