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H A DTokenStream.php3 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
11 class Twig_TokenStream extends TokenStream
H A DForTokenParser.php23 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
91 private function checkLoopUsageCondition(TokenStream $stream, Node $node)
108 private function checkLoopUsageBody(TokenStream $stream, Node $node)
H A DParser.php62 public function parse(TokenStream $stream, $test = null, $dropNeedle = false)
320 * @return TokenStream
H A DTokenStream.php22 final class TokenStream class
H A DEnvironment.php532 * @return TokenStream
557 public function parse(TokenStream $stream)
H A DLexer.php206 return new TokenStream($this->tokens, $this->source);
H A Dinternals.rst33 ``\Twig\TokenStream``). The default lexer recognizes 13 different token types: