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H A DTokenStreamTest.php13 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
38 $stream = new TokenStream([], 'foo', '{{ foo }}');
47 $stream = new TokenStream(self::$tokens);
63 $stream = new TokenStream([
77 $stream = new TokenStream([
H A DParserTest.php20 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
39 $stream = new TokenStream([
55 $stream = new TokenStream([
140 $parser->parse(new TokenStream([
179 $parser->stream = new TokenStream([]);
200 $this->parser->parse(new TokenStream([
H A DTokenStream.php3 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
8 class Twig_TokenStream extends TokenStream
H A DParserInterface.php14 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
32 public function parse(TokenStream $stream);
H A DLexerInterface.php14 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
31 * @return TokenStream
H A DNoViableAltException.php11 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\TokenStream; alias
41 ?TokenStream $input = null,
H A DForTokenParser.php22 use Twig\TokenStream; alias
90 protected function checkLoopUsageCondition(TokenStream $stream, \Twig_NodeInterface $node)
107 protected function checkLoopUsageBody(TokenStream $stream, \Twig_NodeInterface $node)
H A DParser.php57 * @var TokenStream|null
119 public function __construct(TokenStream $input)
421 * @return TokenStream|null
430 if (!$input instanceof TokenStream) {
437 public function getTokenStream() : ?TokenStream
442 private function tokenStream() : TokenStream
452 public function setTokenStream(TokenStream $input) : void
H A DTokenStream.php10 interface TokenStream extends IntStream interface
H A DBufferedTokenStream.php20 class BufferedTokenStream implements TokenStream
H A DTokenStream.php24 class TokenStream class
H A DParser.php83 public function parse(TokenStream $stream, $test = null, $dropNeedle = false)
378 * @return TokenStream
H A DEnvironment.php690 * @return TokenStream
738 public function parse(TokenStream $stream)
H A DLexer.php154 return new TokenStream($this->tokens, $this->source);
H A DParserATNSimulator.php34 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\TokenStream; alias
281 * @var TokenStream
324 …public function adaptivePredict(TokenStream $input, int $decision, ParserRuleContext $outerContext…
457 TokenStream $input,
756 TokenStream $input,
2283 public function getLookaheadName(TokenStream $input) : string
2289 TokenStream $input,
H A Dinternals.rst31 ``\Twig\TokenStream``). The default lexer recognizes 13 different token types:
H A DPageSqlParser.php18 use Antlr\Antlr4\Runtime\TokenStream; alias
211 public function __construct(TokenStream $input)
H A D3.3.js.map1TokenStream(); // no new line before and newline after\n this.newlines = newlines || 0;\n this.w…