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H A DTemplateWrapper.php3 use Twig\TemplateWrapper; alias
8 class Twig_TemplateWrapper extends TemplateWrapper
H A DDebugExtension.php49 use Twig\TemplateWrapper; alias
62 if (!$value instanceof Template && !$value instanceof TemplateWrapper) {
H A DEnvironment.php374 * @param string|TemplateWrapper $name The template name
391 * @param string|TemplateWrapper $name The template name
406 * @param string|TemplateWrapper|\Twig\Template $name The template name
412 * @return TemplateWrapper
416 if ($name instanceof TemplateWrapper) {
421 return new TemplateWrapper($this, $name);
424 return new TemplateWrapper($this, $this->loadTemplate($name));
535 * @return TemplateWrapper A template instance representing the given template name
551 $template = new TemplateWrapper($this, $this->loadTemplate($name));
600 * @return TemplateWrapper|Template
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H A DTemplateWrapper.php19 final class TemplateWrapper class
H A DTemplate.php133 if ($parent instanceof self || $parent instanceof TemplateWrapper) {
350 if ($template instanceof self || $template instanceof TemplateWrapper) {
H A Dtemplate_instance.test2 "include" tag accepts \Twig\TemplateWrapper instance
H A Dinclude.rst41 ``\Twig\TemplateWrapper`` instance, Twig will use it directly::
H A Dinclude.rst78 ``\Twig\TemplateWrapper`` instance, Twig will use it directly::
H A Dextends.rst156 If the variable evaluates to a ``\Twig\Template`` or a ``\Twig\TemplateWrapper``
H A DCHANGELOG15 * added TemplateWrapper::getTemplateName()
29 * added the possibility to pass a TemplateWrapper to Twig\Environment::load()
41 * fixed logic in TemplateWrapper
85 * fixed Environment::resolveTemplate to accept instances of TemplateWrapper
H A Dapi.rst50 returns a ``\Twig\TemplateWrapper`` instance::