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H A DUtils.php51 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to read
56 public static function copyToString(StreamInterface $stream, $maxLen = -1)
88 * @param StreamInterface $source Stream to read from
89 * @param StreamInterface $dest Stream to write to
94 StreamInterface $source,
95 StreamInterface $dest,
124 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to calculate the hash for
132 StreamInterface $stream,
156 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to read from
162 public static function readline(StreamInterface $stream, $maxLength = null, $eol = PHP_EOL)
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H A DCachingStream.php10 class CachingStream implements StreamInterface
14 /** @var StreamInterface Stream being wrapped */
23 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to cache
24 * @param StreamInterface $target Optionally specify where data is cached
27 StreamInterface $stream,
28 StreamInterface $target = null
H A DAppendStream.php11 class AppendStream implements StreamInterface
13 /** @var StreamInterface[] Streams being decorated */
22 * @param StreamInterface[] $streams Streams to decorate. Each stream must
45 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to append. Must be readable.
49 public function addStream(StreamInterface $stream)
H A DDroppingStream.php8 class DroppingStream implements StreamInterface
15 * @param StreamInterface $stream Underlying stream to decorate.
18 public function __construct(StreamInterface $stream, $maxLength)
H A DStreamDecoratorTrait.php8 * @property StreamInterface stream
13 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to decorate
15 public function __construct(StreamInterface $stream)
136 * @return StreamInterface
H A DGuzzleStreamWrapper.php12 /** @var StreamInterface */
21 * @param StreamInterface $stream The stream to get a resource for
26 public static function getResource(StreamInterface $stream)
H A DFnStream.php10 class FnStream implements StreamInterface
57 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to decorate
62 public static function decorate(StreamInterface $stream, array $methods)
H A DInflateStream.php15 class InflateStream implements StreamInterface
19 public function __construct(StreamInterface $stream)
H A DLazyOpenStream.php8 class LazyOpenStream implements StreamInterface
31 * @return StreamInterface
H A DAsyncReadStream.php22 class AsyncReadStream implements StreamInterface
61 * @param StreamInterface $buffer Buffer that contains the data that has
69 StreamInterface $buffer,
H A DLimitStream.php9 class LimitStream implements StreamInterface
20 * @param StreamInterface $stream Stream to wrap
27 StreamInterface $stream,
H A DStream.php7 class Stream implements StreamInterface
39 * @param resource|string|StreamInterface $resource Entity body data
62 if ($resource instanceof StreamInterface) {
H A DMetadataStreamInterface.php11 interface MetadataStreamInterface extends StreamInterface {}
H A DNoSeekStream.php7 class NoSeekStream implements StreamInterface
H A DStreamInterface.php7 interface StreamInterface interface
H A DNullStream.php9 class NullStream implements StreamInterface
H A DBufferStream.php16 class BufferStream implements StreamInterface
H A DPumpStream.php16 class PumpStream implements StreamInterface
H A DSeekException.php4 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface; alias
13 public function __construct(StreamInterface $stream, $pos = 0, $msg = '')
21 * @return StreamInterface
H A DCHANGELOG.rst13 ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``. MetadataStreamInterface is no longer
15 * Added ``attach()`` to ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface`` for PSR-7
17 * Removed ``flush()`` from StreamInterface.
19 ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface::getContents()``. This function now
54 * Added ``flush()`` to ``StreamInterface``. This method is used to flush any
H A DCore.php4 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface; alias
232 if ($message['body'] instanceof StreamInterface) {
262 if ($message['body'] instanceof StreamInterface) {
H A DStreamDecoratorTraitTest.php4 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface; alias
8 class Str implements StreamInterface
H A DCurlFactory.php8 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface; alias
266 if ($body instanceof StreamInterface) {
408 if ($value instanceof StreamInterface) {
H A DStreamHandler.php9 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface; alias
88 * @param string|resource|StreamInterface $dest
H A Dspec.rst79 (string, fopen resource, ``Iterator``, ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``)
82 implemented ``__toString``, or a ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``.
197 (string, fopen resource, ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``)
201 ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface`` to save the output to a Guzzle
202 StreamInterface. Omitting this option will typically save the body of a
250 (string, fopen resource, ``Iterator``, ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``)
253 implemented ``__toString``, or a ``GuzzleHttp\Stream\StreamInterface``.