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H A Dserializers.asciidoc12 The default serializer is the `SmartSerializer`.
16 ==== SmartSerializer subsubsection
21 The `SmartSerializer` inspects the data to be encoded. If the request body is argument
35 When decoding the response body, the `SmartSerializer` introspects the argument
45 ===== Selecting the SmartSerializer argument
47 The `SmartSerializer` is selected by default, but if you wish to manually
54 ->setSerializer('\Elasticsearch\Serializers\SmartSerializer');
216 (`SmartSerializer`), but if you need to, it can be done via the
221 $serializer = '\Elasticsearch\Serializers\SmartSerializer';
H A DSmartSerializer.php29 class SmartSerializer implements SerializerInterface class
H A DClientBuilder.php35 use Elasticsearch\Serializers\SmartSerializer; alias
88 private $serializer = SmartSerializer::class;
620 $this->serializer = new SmartSerializer();