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H A DReferences.php7 class References extends MetadataTabular class
13 return (new References())
57 public function buildFromReadStore(): References
H A DDatabasePageRow.php121 (new References()),
H A Dreference.php14 use ComboStrap\References; alias
85 $references = References::createFromResource($page)
H A Dbacklinkmutation.php14 use ComboStrap\References; alias
97 if ($data["name"] !== References::getPersistentName()) {
H A Dbacklinkmenuitem.php14 use ComboStrap\References; alias
H A D__template.txt1 ====== References ======
H A DREADME.md100 Warning: References may render unexpected results if your labels are not unique across all figures,…
H A Dmbox.min.js.map1 …y-To\", \"To\", \"Cc\", \"Bcc\", \"Message-ID\",\n \"In-Reply-To\", \"References\", \"Resent-From…
H A DCHANGELOG.txt118 - ds:References using empty or simple URI Id reference should never include
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md203 - References to `InlineContainer` changed to new `InlineContainerInterface` interface.
H A Dpgn-standard.txt1007 according to various third party vendors and organizations. References to
H A Dbundle.js.map1References:\n * http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base64\n */\n;(function (global, factory) {\n t…
H A D2.2.js.map1 … \"name\": \"url()\",\n \"description\": \"References a <clipPath> ele…
H A Dbible_verses.txt31106 about={\b New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures-With References. } Rendered from the Origina…