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H A DDocument.php18 use League\CommonMark\Reference\ReferenceMap; alias
33 $this->referenceMap = $referenceMap ?? new ReferenceMap();
H A DReferenceMap.php22 final class ReferenceMap implements ReferenceMapInterface class
H A DCHANGELOG.md178 - Reference labels are no longer normalized inside the `Reference`, only the `ReferenceMap`
355 - Extracted a `ReferenceMapInterface` from the `ReferenceMap` class
360 - Replaced all references to `ReferenceMap` with `ReferenceMapInterface`
361 - `ReferenceMap::addReference()` no longer returns `$this`
389 - `ReferenceMap`
H A DCHANGELOG-0.x.md521 …- `InlineParserEngine::parse` now requires the `Node` container and the document's `ReferenceMap` …
638 - All references can now be obtained from the `ReferenceMap` via `listReferences()` (#73)